Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!!

Title:Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!!
Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan
ファイト一発 充電ちゃん (Japanese)
ファイト一発!充電ちゃん!! (Japanese)
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Notables: FUKUHARA Kaori
Original Concept - BOW Ditama
Juden-chan is the name given to a group of special girls who use electricity to cheer up suicidal people in an alternate dimension. Plug (our heroine) has a device that can tell her people's level of depression (A being worst, F being happiest). Since they are from a different dimension, she can fly, pass through things, and pull magic plugs out of power pole transformers. Plug tries her best but encounters a boy who can both see and touch her (usually with a baseball bat). Unfortunately for Plug, his sister is her assignment and she has to get past him to 'charge' her up. (Source: ADB)

Based on a seinen manga by Ditama Bow (who also authored Mahoromatic & KissxSis), serialised in Comic Gum.

Began airing on June 25, 2009.
12 episodes (~24 min)

1:30 min opening: Youtube Video
1:30 min end-credits: Youtube Vidoe

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Watch Jan-Chan [series:2111#967]
If I wasn’t convinced of it before, I am now….. Ditama Bow is a pervert!!

Either that or else he is a creative mangaka who has found a special nitch in the manga market by composing slightly risqué stories that explore the fringes of non-hentai material.

And Fight Ippatsu! pushes some limits into the peeing (or ↗golden showers) and ↗S&M venue. Using a Sci-Fi theme, the main character of Plug finds herself contending with a normal boy with an abnormal ability of being not only able see her cloaked form, but also is able to strike (↗hit) her with a baseball bat. Not that she is hurt when hit by the bat, but she does seem to like it and finds some form of sexual release (S&M theme) which causes her to piss her trousers. If that were not bad enough, there appears to some sort of special attraction with all ‘juice girls’ to being forcefully 'bopped' by this boy’s baseball bat.

Spliced into the story is Plug’s fascination with an animated TV show which has a magic-girl-↗tentacle theme (just to push those limits a bit more).

And did anybody pick up on the attempt to appeal to those with ‘the girl in a ↗rubber body suit’ fetish.

In short, tis a fun watch with an interesting story that tries to appeal to a group of fans with ↗uncommon interests. So while I have no regrets watching this title, I don’t know if I would want to see this one again.

Last updated Thursday, May 20 2010. Created Thursday, May 20 2010.
Watch Stretch [series:2111#628]
(All episodes watched):

Well, this show had a couple good laughs but altogether episode one didn't impress me a whole lot. Plug getting clubbed several times, electrocuted, and... fouling herself (you didn't have to show it twice) were dubious sources of humor. The preview had me thinking that this would be the Queens Blade of the summer season, what with all the nudity in the change sequence (five--or was it six--slightly different versions of the same preview were shown--enough!). The message I got was that when you get right down to it, big boobs are the ultimate source of all happiness, and if we humans would only give up our inhibitions on that subject we wouldn't need this bizarre form of shock therapy in the first place. I was also dismayed at how easily Sentou accepted the notion of a girl appearing out of a solid wall without question. Likewise, Plug doesn't seem at all interested in figuring out why this one guy can see her when she is in stealth mode. All-in-all, Juuden-chan had a semi-novel premise, but the simplistic happy-ever-after tale was disappointing. Perhaps I ought to admit that my expectations for this show were rather high.

Episode two pretty much reinforced my original impressions: a show which verges on the pornographic, but is not particularly funny or has much depth. In a way, this is even dirtier than Queens Blade--no, correction, this is much dirtier than Queens Blade. I don't recall any of the female warriors in QB inadvertantly masturbating during an episode. Although the girls here don't shed their clothing quite as often, they are depicted in a far more obscene manner with them still on. When I first got interested in anime I thought that things like fanservice and ecchi were harmless aspects of a different culture, but now I'm beginning to think that there really is something seriously wrong with the fanboys of Japan. Plug's thoughts that merely zapping depressed people won't do them much good in the long run makes some sense; still, it's hard to see a helpful message coming out of such a sleazy show.

What is the deal with this mangaka guy's urine fetish? It seems like a cute girl winds up pissing herself at least once per episode. I feel embarassed that I really liked Mahoromatic, since it had the same author. The TV-show-within-a-TV-show which the cast sometimes watches is especially demeaning to women as "Milly" allows herself to be browbeaten (and physically beaten) by her talking dog intermediary. Juuden-chan's fanservice is borderline erotic in a dirty way which makes me squirm at times. The plot seems to be getting more serious as it nears its end, but it's hard to take it seriously with all the smut around it. I don't really feel dirty after watching an episode, just... embarassed.

The show seems to be sending very mixed signals about whether it should be taken as comedy or serious drama. Are these ecchi bits supposed to be funny or is this show just plain perverted? Is this happiness thief, Rona, a cute little misunderstood girl or an evil bitch? It gets frustrating. The show tries to teach us a lesson about how Rona shouldn't treat humans as mere "toys", but when the series as a whole has made a habit of depicting women as little more than sex toys it isn't very convincing.

I must admit laughing a good deal during the final episode, not entirely because it sets a new record for characters peeing their pants. Especially fun was a cameo by Mahoro and the way Milly and Cecily resolved their differences. In the end, Juuden-chan was a cheesy, raunchy show which stayed just on the OK side of the morality line, with modestly funny jokes, likeably pathetic characters, and a shamelessly brazen attitude towards sexuality.

Last updated Sunday, October 25 2009. Created Monday, July 06 2009.
Watch 7 9 7 7 7 7 Xenoknight [series:2111#2967]
Complete. Final review soon...

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Wednesday, May 05 2010. Created Wednesday, July 01 2009.
Rent Forbin [series:2111#1573]
Analysis : All Fansubs watched

  • Drama : Med
  • Comedy : High
  • SciFi : High
  • Action : Low/Med
  • Ecchi : High
What I thought would be a Girls Bravo type plot turning into more of a S&M type where each girl gets 'kissed' by the Sento Bat of Love and immediately falls for the hero, and pees in her pants. It's pretty funny and even introduced a 'villan' that will fall to the mighty Bat.

This is definitely for more of the 'hard core' set.

If you like this you might like : What did I like about it:
  • Very funny
  • That baseball bat
  • Alesta
  • The leakage girls.
What did I NOT like about it:
  • Peeing..peeing...peeing

Last updated Wednesday, October 07 2009. Created Tuesday, June 30 2009.

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