Vandread Taidouhen

Title:Vandread Taidouhen
Vandread: Integral
Vandread: The Movement Change
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Notables: ASAKAWA Yuu
ASANO Mayumi
IWATA Mitsuo
NEYA Michiko
OHARA Sayaka
R1 License - FUNimation
SEKI Tomokazu
YOSHINO Hiroyuki
The male-only planet of Tarak and the female-only planet of Mejale do not like each other. So when Tarak's newest battleship is launched (built around the original colony ship), some Mejale pirates are determined to capture it. Jettisoning the old original ship from the new battleship, the Tarak military plans to blow it and the pirates to hell. But something happens and both the pirate ship as well as the only three remaining males on the Tarak ship are sent across the galaxy. To further complicate matters, both ships have now merged into a new ship, the Nirvana. In addition, three of the Majale dread fighters and one of the Tarak mecha fighters have been modified by the same substance that fused the two large ships. Now men and women must learn to trust each other as a new enemy appears, one determined to wipe the Universe clear of humanity.
1 OVA episode (~75min); a condensed recap of the 1st season of the first season with a new opening and some new footage.

Licensed by Funimation (May '09 ANN).
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Watch 8 8 9 8 7 AstroNerdBoy [series:737#436]

This is simply a recap OAV of Vandread with a little bit of new footage thrown in here and there. If you'd planned on skipping Vandread so you could go directly to Vandread: 2nd Stage, this OAV would cover the bare basics. At ~74-minutes, how much of 13 23-minute episodes can you fit in? Not a whole heck of a lot. But this was done to try to score a few more ¥¥¥ out of Japanese fans, the carrot being the new footage. Too bad it really doesn't work. As I watched this, suddenly, I wanted to watch the real thing rather than some recap with lots of music.

Bottom line: Might be worth checking out for fans of Vandread to see some of the new footage. Otherwise, just re-watch the original.

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