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Ayashi no Ceres
Rent Twin brother and sister Aki and Aya Mikage are about to celebrate their 16th birthdays. Earlier on, Aya had visited a psychic and was told the fated day when the moon and stars of 16 would meet is coming, and that all hell and doom would break loose. Mysteriously their grandfather invites them over for a "birthday party" and gives them a gift which brings out new powers. Now suddenly the entire Mikage family wants Aya killed since "she will bring them nothing but harm." Aki is no longer allowed to see Aya. Along with that, an ancient legend of a Tennyo (girl from the heavens) is said to have come down to Earth and bathed in a river. A nearby fisherman spotted her and stole her hagoromo (feathered robe) that was hanging on a tree nearby. Without it she could not return to her home in the heavens, and was forced to marry the man and have his children.
Ceres, Celestial Legend Rent See Ayashi no Ceres

Last Exile

On a lost barren world, during a time of war when nations settle their disputes with giant ironclad battleships of the air and the soldier's honor, the spirit of knight-hood still mandates a bloody Napoleonic mile-high musket battle as a prelude to the devastating barrage of the automated main guns, the spirit of adventure is still alive.

Lupin III: An Angel's Tactics - Fragments of a Dream Are the Scent of Murder Watch See Rupan Sansei: Tenshi no Sakuryaku (Tactics) ~ Yume no Kakera wa Koroshi no Kaori~
Lupin III: Angel Tactics Watch See Rupan Sansei: Tenshi no Sakuryaku (Tactics) ~ Yume no Kakera wa Koroshi no Kaori~
Ominous Ceres Rent See Ayashi no Ceres

Rupan Sansei: Tenshi no Sakuryaku (Tactics) ~ Yume no Kakera wa Koroshi no Kaori~

A female, anti-American organization known as "Bloody Angels" are training to kill Lupin and his gang, thus preventing them from stealing an American treasure that the Bloody Angels want. The treasure, known as "Original Metal," came from the Roswell Incident and will do something for them. As there are four in Lupin's gang, four assassins (Lady Joe, Bomber Linda, Poison Sophie, and Kaorou the Ripper) are ready to do their part. Inspector Zenigata is tasked with protecting the Original Metal at Area 51 along with scientist partner Emily. What do the Bloody Angels hope to gain by stealing the Original Metal? Who will steal the Original Metal first? Can Lupin continue to avoid capture by Zenigata while keeping a step ahead of the Bloody Angels?


Buy Three generations have passed, and the hatred that caused a separation between the Tarak and Mejale empires has not faded. Hibiki, a lowly third class of the male-only Tarak Empire, lives locked in a position of servitude in a society dedicated only to perpetuating the war against the female-only Mejale.

Vandread Taidouhen
Watch The male-only planet of Tarak and the female-only planet of Mejale do not like each other. So when Tarak's newest battleship is launched (built around the original colony ship), some Mejale pirates are determined to capture it. Jettisoning the old original ship from the new battleship, the Tarak military plans to blow it and the pirates to hell. But something happens and both the pirate ship as well as the only three remaining males on the Tarak ship are sent across the galaxy. To further complicate matters, both ships have now merged into a new ship, the Nirvana. In addition, three of the Majale dread fighters and one of the Tarak mecha fighters have been modified by the same substance that fused the two large ships. Now men and women must learn to trust each other as a new enemy appears, one determined to wipe the Universe clear of humanity.
Vandread: Integral Watch See Vandread Taidouhen
Vandread: The Movement Change Watch See Vandread Taidouhen
ラストエグザイル Rent See Last Exile
ルパン三世 - 天使の策略(タクティクス)~夢のカケラは殺しの香り~ Watch See Rupan Sansei: Tenshi no Sakuryaku (Tactics) ~ Yume no Kakera wa Koroshi no Kaori~
ヴァンドレッド (Japanese) Buy See Vandread
妖しのセレス Rent See Ayashi no Ceres

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