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Title:Can Can Bunny Extra
Can Can Bunny
Can Can Bunny: Lucky 7
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Imagine if you will a situation where Keiichi (Oh My Goddess) wasn't a nice guy looking for a girlfriend but a guy desperate to get laid. Then you'd have this series main character Kenta. Now imagine that Belldandy (Oh My Goddess) wasn't looking to be the girlfriend of Keiichi but his lover. That would give you the goddess Suwatee. Kenta's wish is to get laid and Suwatee grants him that wish by having seven falling stars come to the ground, one of which she keeps. With the help of her Urd-like cousin Shuree, can Suwatee give herself a physical body and sleep with the man she love -- a man who doesn't even remember her?
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Rent 7 7 8 6 7 Peter Hentai [series:601#758]
To be honest, except for the wank value of Can Can Bunny Extra, I found myself prefering Oh My Goddess instead which was a surprise. I think it is because Suwatee is cast as the nice girl who wants to get laid. Obviously nice girls want sex too, but for some reason it just doesn't come off right. And the fact that she's willing to let Kenta bang six other women while she watches didn't help her case either.

The story is contrived so let's not bother much there, sufice to say that Suwatee (or Suwati, depending on which version you watch) is in trouble for stealing the seven stars and will have to marry some other deity if she doesn't return them by a certain time. So she's up against the clock while she waits for her turn to sleep with Kenta -- something she can do only if she uses the 7th falling star and make a physical body for herself.

The six women Kenta sexes over the three episodes are all very attractive. Kenta goes from being a loser to a guy with lots of confidence and the ability to know when "no" means "yes, please do me!" So there is decent erotic value with no rape! YES! There's also a lot of humor but the standout character is Shuree. Like Urd of Oh My Goddess, Shuree doesn't understand what Suwatee sees in Kenta at first, but is impressed at how quickly he beds women.

All in all, it was fun, erotic, and gave me some laughs. Not a bad hentai title.

Note: There is a sequel to this called Can Can Bunny: Summer Fun which I've yet to see.

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