Gosenzo San-E

Title:Gosenzo San-E
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Notables: KAJISHIMA Masaki

Gen, looking exactly like Tenchi minus the ponytail, has just lost his mother. As such, his grandmother and head of the Hiraga clan has him move in with her and her mysterious maid Beth on their estate in rural Japan. Jennifer Collins is an American grad student researching the Hiraga clan curse that kills its family members at a young age, all except for Gen's grandmother. Add to the mix a teacher who looks very much like Gen's mother, the school nurse who "instructs" girls sexually, and the nurse's daughter who's Gen's classmate and embarrassed over her mother's actions and you've got an errie yet interesting story. What is Aqua Permanence? Does it provide long life? And why does Beth think Gen has it?

[4 OAV episodes. There is a sequel to this called "Zoku Gosenzosan-E" which was not done by Kajishima-sensei.]

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Unevaluated 9 8 9 8 8 8 AstroNerdBoy [series:600#436]

This is the only other "H" review I plan to do and the only reason I watched this was due to it being one done by Kajishima Masaki. Since I do not like hentai, I will leave this "Unevaluated" to not jack with the ratings.

That being said, I was very surprised by this title. I agree with Peter in that this could have been a non-hentai title and it would have been even better. And I also agree that Beth was the best character. Maybe it was because she was so mysterious. She stood out from the first moment we see her. The overall story I found to be very interesting. It seemed like such a waste to waste so much time on the "H" stuff when the story and characters were so interesting.

Bottom line: Beth rocks, the story is good, but it is still hentai.

Last updated Monday, January 01 2007. Created Saturday, August 23 2003.

Buy 9 9 10 9 9 Peter Hentai [series:600#758]
Wow! This could have made an excellent non-hentai "R" rated title had they wanted to do this. But that's not the way Kajishima Masaki of Tenchi Muyo fame wanted to go. Still, the sex is non-graphic in that no genitals are shown, much like Spaceship Agga Ruter. And there is another thing you should know -- if you rent/buy this, know that Gen is a 2nd-year high school student! The SOP for hentai coming to America is to make everyone a college student and thus avoid certain taboo issues. Knowing that Gen is 16-17 and that much of this takes place at a high school gives the story a greater impact.

Generally I tend to give away a lot of spoilers when I write reviews. Not this time. This 4-episode, 120-minute hentai title is so good I don't want to spoil anything. The feel of the series is dark without being to dark. There are no rapes and no tentacles but there is a strong supernatural element and a lot of mystery. Gen is played like Tenchi in that he's a nice guy with a disease that is killing him slowly; a disease which brings out the animal in him. He doesn't know what Aqua Permenance is and is ashamed when Beth aquires some from him for her personal use; sperm shouldn't be golden in color!

The characters are all good with the nurse Mitsuko (?) being the weakest character. She's primarily there to raise the H-value of the title. Of all the characters, Beth is the one I liked the most. I would love for Kajishima to do a spinoff title about her past and how she came to serve Gen's grandmother. It wouldn't even have to be a hentai title.

The weakness of this series is that I think there was a perceived need to increase the hentai value in the 3rd and 4th episodes. Now if you are looking for wank, that's fine. However, after the first two episodes, I'd all but forgotten that aspect. That's not to say I wasn't "stirred" at times, just that the story had me so enthralled that I wanted to know more about it rather than see the next sex scene.

All in all, an excellent hentai title. If the softcore porn shown on pay movie channels at night on weekends doesn't bother you, this shouldn't either. If you like Kajishima's other works, take a risk and check this out. Hentai lovers will find enough to make them horny but should find as I did the story much more compelling.

Last updated Tuesday, June 24 2003. Created Tuesday, June 24 2003.

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