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Title:Unnamed Memory
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Crown Prince Oscar Farsas has a problem: the hostile Witch of Silence has placed a curse on him which prevents him from fathering an heir and will bring the Farsas bloodline to an end if not addressed. Along with his aid, Lazar, he goes to the tower of of the Azure Witch. If one passes a number of tests and reaches the witch's residence atop the tower that person will be granted a wish. Prince Oscar does this, and Tinasha, the witch, diagnoses his problem. She finds that what has been done to him is not so much a curse as a strange blessing, which has made it possible for only a handful of extraordinary women to bear his children--women like herself, that is. The handsome and headstrong Prince promptly declares that his wish is that Tinasha marry him. Tinasha cannot agree to this, but they reach a compromise: she will come and live in the capital city for a year, keeping her true identity a secret, then decide whether to grant Oscar's wish.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4803#628]
(Four episodes watched):

Now here's a show which does right what countless other ones do wrong: it thoroughly introduces the main characters and makes them into interesting people who we can care about. We see that Oscar is courageous, determined, brash and impatient. While a witch, Tinasha has no evil intentions and even those who fail her tests do not wind up dead as was commonly believed. She's actually several centuries old but her body has stopped aging (she cares about what others say about her looks). I could not help but be intensely curious about how her stay at the capital (with the fact that she is a witch known only to Oscar) would work out. I will cut this review of episode one short so that I can go download any additional episodes of Unnamed Memory that have become available.

I was really looking forward to episode two, but it wasn't as good as I had hoped. Rather than Tinasha settling into life in the palace, and meeting important people and getting an idea of whether they are supportive or hostile to her, she quickly needs to go solve an old problem by magically fighting a demonic beast (a giant wolf). Oscar and some close allies insist on accompanying her, and the aides quickly discover her secret, which kills a lot of potential tension. Oscar should have explicitly ordered them not to tell anyone what they had learned, and since Tinasha basically saved their lives you'd think they would obey. It was enjoyable but I was left uncomfortable with the possibility that this might turn out to be be a magical fight-of-the-week show rather than something more deep. In episode three another witch puts another curse of sorts on Oscar, one that was difficult to understand yet could supposedly have killed him by putting his libido into overdrive or something like that. And it was all little more than a prank, apparently. But again, this show was not going in the direction I had been hoping for. We aren't learning any more about what really makes Tinasha and Oscar tick, and without that info it's hard to care how their romance works out. I noticed that in the usual poll at ANN Unnamed Memory scores pretty low on the list of favorite anime, which, since it covers several episodes I haven't watched yet, suggests it isn't going to get much better. In episode four Tinasha decides that what she and Oscar need is more practice in swordfighting or magical hand-to-hand combat, which again suggests that fighting rather than politics or romance is the direction this show will go. She hints that she wants Oscar to be capable of killing her if something goes wrong, but not enough detail is provided. It is learned that a minor country is building a small army of mages and had hoped to recruit Tinasha (they refer to her as 'Aika'). Tinasha mentions that she has been looking for someone for a long while. But in general this show continues to disappoint me. I don't detect a main theme of the plot, instead it wobbles about between bad guys who need to be punished and monsters that need to be destroyed and weak romance. Why did the Witch of Silence curse Oscar? We may never get an answer to that question.

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