Dragon's Heaven

Title:Dragon's Heaven
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In the year 3195, there was a war between an army of robots and the humans. When Shaian, a sentient combat armor, lost his companion in battle, he shut down until his internal systems spotted a new human. It`s now almost a 1000 years later, and Shaian`s greatest enemy is still alive and doing battle in Brazil. With a new friend`s help, Shaian may be able to stop this evil force before another war rages over the continent.
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30-minute OVA released on February 25, 1988.
Animated by AIC and Artmic.
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Watch 7 7 7 6 5 Ggultra2764 [series:4578#1552]
The one thing that stuck out for me with Dragon's Heaven were its visuals. The great amount of detail, thick lines, and unique designs for mecha made it stick out and also does pretty good at editing its animated shots to create engaging fight sequences between Shaian and the enemy robots he is combating with Ikuuru within the anime's post-apocalyptic world. Storywise though, it is pretty barebones having the typical story setup you'd find of its main heroes tasked with fighting off the enemy threat dominating its post-apocalyptic world, giving it little to work with plot-wise and offering little in terms of rewatchability. The visual presentation of Dragon's Heaven is the only thing sticking out with it to what is otherwise a pretty typical sci-fi anime of the 1980s.

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