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Title:Koroshi Ai
Love of Kill
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While in a parking garage Chateau Dankworth comes upon a mass assassination committed by a dark, mysterious man. Being a gun-armed bounty hunter, she is prepared to defend herself but finds this person (who is later identified as professional assassin Ryang Ha-Song) to be virtually invulnerable and is soon at his mercy. He spares her--but has taken a definite interest in her and she has by no means heard the last of him.

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4438#628]
(Six episodes watched):

Well, episode one of this show does a splendid job of frustrating the viewer. The events described above happen within the first few minutes, but the rest of the episode is taken up by more and more incidents of Ryang stalking Chateau without really telling us much of anything new. The ANN synopsis mentioned that Chateau is afflicted by amnesia about her past, and may already have some sort of connection to Ryang, but I don't recall episode one making any mention of that. It does reveal that as a child she witnessed an assassination (her father, maybe?). That might be the cause of a loss of memory, but the anime doesn't say. I found Ryang to be a despicable person who I wanted dead, but he just keeps coming. Also annoying was the superdeformed and dark skinned guy, 'Jim', who works with Chateau at the Ritzland Support Company. I wondered for a good while if this show was trying to be primarily serious or primarily a comedy. What was the point to Ryang's obvious interest in Chateau? The OP sequence suggested that she would wind up working with him and two other guys, which was not exactly the outcome I was hoping for since I hate him after all. He's a smart-ass murderer, for God's sake. I became impatient for the episode to end. Ultimately it ended without making clear just what the premise of this show would be. Yet, I remain curious about WTF is going on and will watch episode two in hopes that maybe Ryang isn't as bad as he seems and Chateau might have an intriguing secret.

It looks like Ryang will eventually wind up working with Chateau, perhaps as a bounty hunter like her. I guess the idea is that since the countless people he has killed were (all?) mafia members, he's not so bad. There was no explanation of the event from Chateau's childhood in episode two. Apparently Ryang betrayed his leader several years ago, and his former organization hasn't forgotten about it. Now Chateau gets dragged into the matter (but if the motorcyclist who attacked her only wanted her to convey a message to Ryang, why did he do things which might easily have killed her?). Something really intriguing needs to happen in order to invigorate my interest in this show. After three episodes we still have little idea why Ryang has taken interest in Chateau--was it love at first sight? Does he feel guilty for something he once did? Did he kill her father? Since even bounty hunters often work for criminal syndicates (if I understood things correctly), it's hard to say who are the good guys in this show.

In episode four we slowly learn some more about Chateau's past--how as a child she was found with a mysterious dead boy in a car, how there is no record of her prior to that anywhere, how Detective Abel Dankworth adopted her, etc. The episode almost raises more questions than it answers. About the only possibly significant revelation is that Ryang has apparently appropriated the name of the boy in the car. There's some sort of link between the two of them but halfway through I still have little idea what it might be or if it will matter. I remain impatient with this show to get on with it and convince me why it is worth watching. It's hard to keep track of what's going on--why is Chateau on a cruise ship again?--when the story is frankly kind of boring. Not funny enough to work as a comedy, and not intriguing enough to work as a mystery.

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