Fairy Ranmaru ~Anata no Kokoro O-tasukeshimasu~

Title:Fairy Ranmaru ~Anata no Kokoro O-tasukeshimasu~
Fairy Ranmaru
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Notables: Animation - STUDIO COMET
HORI Akihiro
TANABE Kohsuke
A team of five young male fairies has been assembled, one from each of the clans--including, unusually, the most powerful one, the Lux (light) clan. Their mission is to go to Earth and seek 'Attachment', which is described as 'a power created when a person's heart is greatly moved'. How exactly this is done is vague, and they will have to figure it out for themselves. They will pose as the proprietors of the 'Bar F' establishment, and are warned not to violate the ten taboos, since doing so has resulted in more than a few fairies being 'demoted' to being human themselves.

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4295#628]
(Three episodes watched):

This show had a sort of an interesting premise, namely handsome fairies sent to earth to help humans solve problems, since that generates 'attachment', apparently. Early on I had wondered if this might be a Boy's Love show, since the fairies are forbidden to engage in romance or lust with the opposite sex (but that now seems unlikely). It looks like each episode will consist of a story of a human--a girl, I'm guessing--who is afflicted by one of the ten taboos and the rescue that the Fairies perform. In episode one Ranmaru helps a girl who is being cyber bullied. He transforms from his ordinary geek-like persona into a fearsome fairy warrior to defeat the hatred being directed at her in a near psychedelic sequence. I noticed that rather than being reformed, the villain instead just gets a taste of her own medicine. I was not all that impressed with the story, however. As usual, things like suicidal thoughts are treated like whims that a person can dispense with in an instant if they wish. When you get right down to it, basically magic is used to fix all too real problems, which would be nice if it was really possible. It looks like each person's problem will come and go in the space of 23 minutes, which doesn't promise much depth. I may or may not watch episode two. The premise is kind of neat but I don't know if much will be done with it.

In episode two Hoterase/Homura of the Ignis (fire) clan takes on the taboo of wrath as he helps a female mangakka who is getting ripped off by her manager. Wrath is supposed to be a no-no, yet ultimately employing it seems to be the only way he could defeat the villain--I don't get it. Maybe you can't actually beat the shit out of the bad guy but you can use it in one of these figurative, dream-like psychological battles. Or something like that. Anyway, while the scenario briefly intrigued me, in the end the plot wasn't all that complex or interesting. The fairies transform from their ordinary, every-day personas to the fearsome warriors they can become through an extensive sequence that displays their buffed bodies, much like magical girls often do. The climactic fights are sort of like those from Wonder Egg Priority last season. They seem to achieve Attachment by 'taking' a person's heart, but apparently these women have their memories of the event erased afterwards. Still, the notion of fairies tampering with emotions is kind of fun and I'm reluctant to quit this show. The fairies are not perfect; they have problems of their own, like the lack of appreciation the Aqua clan guy got from his parents as a child. I wish it was made more clear just what effect these weaknesses have and why they matter. The episodes are kind of formulaic--whichever fairy is in the spotlight transforms into a hunk and engages in this spiritual combat, seems to be losing at first, then, by sheer willpower, overcomes his opponent. The bad guys get what they deserve but the outcome isn't exactly thrilling and the meaning behind it is often unclear. I'm still waiting for a fairy to be seriously tempted to violate a taboo (which episode one implied was likely to happen).

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