First Loves

Title:First Loves
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In this sequel to "End of Summer," Kakeru Nanahoshi fawns over his beloved Hiromi until he manages to bed his sister's best friend Urara. Oh, and he competes with "that bastard Doda."
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Watch 6 5 5 4 4 Anonymous #364 [series:419#364]
I've seen a few hentai titles in my time, and First Loves 1 is one of the most mild ones I've seen. There is only one real sex in the entire show, and it's not very graphic.
One thing that does stick out for me is the main character. He actually REFUSES SEX in one scene, which is really quite rare. If only the protagonist of Sakura Diaries was more likeable like this guy...
Hardcore hentai fans will probably avoid this title because there really is nothing that "exciting." Casual anime fans will also want to avoid this because it's...well...hentai. So who is this for? I recommend it as an introduction into the H world, as it's not very offensive (no rape/tentacles) and rather tame.

Last updated Monday, August 12 2002. Created Monday, August 12 2002.
Avoid 6 4 5 4 2 Midnighter [series:419#94]
First Loves could have been a sweet coming of age tale. Instead, it's an exploitive, pornographic waste of time.
While Kakeru is more likable than the usual "amusingly lecherous" male leads in these kinds of anime, he still emerges as a two dimensional stereotype whose sole existence is to justify getting Urara out of her clothes. Even the sex-scenes are poorly done, and the irritating voice actors squeek and whine their way thru it without any sense of eroticism, much less love.
The music is all but unnoticable aside from the passable end theme. The atrocious animation is sketchy and choppy, with an obviously low frame rate and what must have been a microscopic budget, even for this genre.
Overall, First Loves rates an avoid for overall low quality. Cheesiness aside, it is even technically unremarkable with poor animation. At least it's in comparatively good taste compared to other pornographic anime like Cool Devices.

Last updated Thursday, May 30 2002. Created Sunday, May 26 2002.

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