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Hina lives in a world where one's status depends on your count--a random tally of the number of times a certain event has occurred to you. Your count can be increased or decreased by other means as well. One's fate if your count reaches zero is to be drawn into 'The Abyss', a fate worse than death. That was what happened to Hina's mother, whose last request was that Hina seek out 'The Legendary Ace', a heroic swordsman who protects young women and clears darkness from the world.

13 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3797#628]
(Part of one episode watched):

I had high hopes for a show with such a colorful title, but they were quickly dashed. Ugh--this show had an ugly tone to it, with things like the plentiful fanservice (including the strategic positioning of Hina's count number on her body), the truly obnoxious rather than funny character, 'Licht'*, and the pretend hero who runs a transparent scam that any viewer would recognize in an instant but Hina does not. Everything about it seemed weak--the animation, the music, and the plot, which didn't intrigue me in the least. This numbers system makes little or no sense--why would something as important as status be based on pure luck? No two people have the same thing 'counted', and one character's count was nothing more than the number of compliments she had gotten by customers of her business. Nor did any of the characters seem interesting or original. Hina doesn't seem to have any special capabilities or any interesting mission, her only purpose seems to be so that characters can try to look up her skirt. I soon decided that I didn't want to watch this show at all, and quit around halfway through the episode.

  • apparently, Licht and the Legendary Ace are one and the same.

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