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Let's Make a Mug Too Unevaluated See Yakunara Mug Cup Mo

Unevaluated Hina lives in a world where one's status depends on your count--a random tally of the number of times a certain event has occurred to you. Your count can be increased or decreased by other means as well. One's fate if your count reaches zero is to be drawn into 'The Abyss', a fate worse than death. That was what happened to Hina's mother, whose last request was that Hina seek out 'The Legendary Ace', a heroic swordsman who protects young women and clears darkness from the world.

Taisou Zamurai
Rent In 2002 the career of Jotaro Aragaki (known as 'The Samurai' because of his hairstyle) as a professional gymnast is coming to a premature end. He suffered a shoulder injury from which he has never completely recovered, and his coach frankly recommends he retire. However, Jotaro is not prepared to throw in the towel, and with the help of two fellow gymnasts attempts to reinvigorate his career.
The Gymnastics Samurai Rent See Taisou Zamurai

Yakunara Mug Cup Mo
Unevaluated After her father lost his job in Tokyo, Himeno Toyokawa's family moved back to her late mother's hometown of Taijimi City in Gifu Prefecture. They open a new cafe, and in an effort to drum up some business Himeno displays some fancy coffee mugs made by her mother and used there. Mika Kukuri of the school pottery club recognizes them as sought-after masterpieces, which is news to Himeno who had no idea that her mother was so well respected in the profession of ceramics. Mika recruits Himeno and friend Nao-chan as new members of the club.
やくならマグカップも Unevaluated See Yakunara Mug Cup Mo
プランダラ Unevaluated See Plunderer
体操ザムライ Rent See Taisou Zamurai

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