Machikado Mazoku

Title:Machikado Mazoku
The Demon Girl Next Door
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After having a bizarre dream, Yuko Yoshida awakens with horns and a pointed tail. It turns out that her mother never told her about the family's ancient secret: they are the descendants of once mighty demons who were vanquished and are now cursed to live as impoverished humans. The fact that Yuko has regained a semblance of her powers means that she is expected to take revenge upon the local representative of the clan that defeated them, a magical girl named Momo Chiyoda. This is a bit much for Yuko to digest, and it doesn't help that Momo's powers are clearly on a totally different level than hers.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3725#628]
(Two episodes watched):

I initially was dubious about yet another magical anime, but this turned out to be an amusing comedy about a sweet girl who suddenly finds herself thrust into the role of demon champion. It is a role she never expected, never wanted, and is completely unprepared for. The jokes were not LOL funny but they were adequate and they kept coming--quantity substituting for quality, perhaps. There was definitely some talent involved in keeping this totally insane scenario afloat and moving; I don't recall feeling bored at any point. Lots of details are dumped upon us in quick succession to explain just what's going on, and it was fairly interesting. Yuko has some slight misgivings about apparently being cast as the villain in this contest, but the promise of good food becoming available converts her. Judging from the OP sequence, she will wind up a friend of her supposed opponent and will have some sort of demon advisor who no doubt will nag her to fight Momo rather than befriend her. I wonder what will be done with this strange premise and whether it will manage to remain fresh. But for now, I think I'm on board.

I wish the jokes were a little funnier. Yoko is a clueless girl who is totally inept at fighting and as a result nobody takes her seriously. But it is vaguely annoying to watch her struggle uselessly to achieve an impossible task, and all while the jokes make me smile rather than actually laugh. I wish it were funnier because I like the basic premise (and the main character) and don't want to give up on this show.

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