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Machikado Mazoku
Unevaluated After having a bizarre dream, Yuko Yoshida awakens with horns and a pointed tail. It turns out that her mother never told her about the family's ancient secret: they are the descendants of once mighty demons who were vanquished and are now cursed to live as impoverished humans. The fact that Yuko has regained a semblance of her powers means that she is expected to take revenge upon the local representative of the clan that defeated them, a magical girl named Momo Chiyoda. This is a bit much for Yuko to digest, and it doesn't help that Momo's powers are clearly on a totally different level than hers.
The Demon Girl Next Door Unevaluated See Machikado Mazoku
まちカドまぞく Unevaluated See Machikado Mazoku

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