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Three friends, the attractive but slightly ditzy Momoko, the cool and reserved Shibumi, and the naive Mayumi goof around together in a short anime which is unusual because it contains virtually no dialogue.

12 episodes
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Here's an anime which you could watch even if you only had access to the 'raw' (un-subtitled) version without missing much. These three girls just goof around without saying anything; the comedy is completely visual, that is, it comes from what they do rather than what they say. For instance, they find an unattended skateboard and try their luck on it. Also unusual are Mayumi's eyebrows. While Joshikausei is unusual it is not exactly uproariously funny. Still, I had initially not planned to even create a page here at Mikomi for this show, but I find that I'm still watching it after I have dropped two other Spring 2019 shorts which had once seemed more promising. One thing this show has to its credit is that it does not rely on fanservice without making much of an effort to be genuinely good, which is what turned me off of the other two. In the end, it is a lightweight comedy which demands little attention and concentration from viewers, and gives them what they paid for.

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