Nobunaga Sensei no Osanazuma

Title:Nobunaga Sensei no Osanazuma
Teacher Nobunaga's Young Bride
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Notables: SAKAI Koudai
Oda Nobunaga is a modern day schoolteacher who is a distant descendant of the famous warlord of the same name. His parents are impatient with him to get married and have children to carry on the family name. One day, after accidentally breaking a minor antique, a traditionally dressed girl named Kichou materializes out of thin air. As if that weren't weird enough, she claims to be pledged to marry the original Nobunaga.

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3683#628]
(Five episodes watched):

This premise is revealed in the five-and-a-half minute first episode, in which lots of crazy stuff happens in rapid succession. It reminded me of the similar premise in Final Approach (which was even more crazy and overwhelming). A story about a girl from the middle ages who time travels to modern day Japan definitely might be fun, if some serious effort and wit were invested in it, or this might all be nothing but an excuse for fanservice. As of episode three, the answer was looking like about 2/3 fanservice and 1/3 content. Kichou hasn't developed much of a personality; she is basically a submissive girl from an era when girls just did whatever men told them to (including being screwed), and I suspect the idea was that modern day boys would drool over a girl like that. She only gets assertive when it comes to claiming Nobunaga as her husband--there's a female teacher (the one with tremendous boobs) that he likes, and a student (with glasses) who likes him, and later another girl is resurrected, so a harem of sorts forms. It takes an exasperatingly long time for it to dawn on Kichou that times have changed, which, it seems to me, kind of squanders what might have been the most fun element of the show. She just wants to be banged by Nobunaga, basically. This show seemed to be banking on fairly explicit fanservice to attract viewers without worrying much about content. The fanservice is explicit yet weak, because we all know that there's no way these situations could ever happen in real life. This wound up looking like one of those shows where I think that, once provided with the basic premise, even I could have done a better job of writing it than the makers did. In fact, I bet I could have even done the fanservice part better than them. I just get the feeling that the makers were lazy and wanted to take the simplest, easiest route to modest success without having to work for it or produce a product that they might have felt proud of. As a result, I gave up around halfway through.

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