Zombie Land Saga

Title:Zombie Land Saga
Zombieland Saga
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Sakura Minamoto hoped to be an idol star someday, but the front end of a truck moving at high speed had other ideas. But that's no reason to give up: showman Kotaro Tatsumi hopes to form a noteworthy idol group to represent Saga prefecture, but is having trouble finding recruits. He realizes that there's a sizeable pool of untapped idol talent still available: those who have already died.

12 episodes
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Rent Stretch [series:3593#628]
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I burst out laughing as the zombie idols gave their debut performance, and even the next day remembering this episode brings a smirk to my face. This is an absurdist parody of the idol industry in Japan, and as such is funny on numerous levels. And it would seem that there will be a plot to it as well, as these zombies have become conscious again rather than just mindlessly craving brains to eat. Where it would go remained unclear after just one episode, but I knew I was definitely on board. I was soon giggling as I watched episode two as well. The lecture Kotaro gives the girls--inside a steel cage--was good. He has a colorful personality and really seems to believe that zombies can be molded into talented performers if he just beats the same idea into their own heads. The zombies are often more rational than he is; without him, the show wouldn't be nearly as good as it is. I wondered why Sakura was recruited when she had no experience at all unlike everyone else in the group, but that was a small deal. The show sometimes briefly parodies other anime, like Sailor Moon (if I was not mistaken). Episode four had another LOL moment for me as a CEO has a hilarious run-in with the zombies late at night.

One by one, we learn how these girls died and get an idea of what their lives and personalities were like. In episode eight Lily, the child Idol, has an encounter with someone she actually, he once knew before dying (Lily died in a bizarre way). In episode nine Saki, the deliquent girl, encounters the motorcycle (or, nowadays, motor scooter) gang she once helped found. She even encounters an old friend, but somehow the friend doesn't recognize her, at least not completely. I was hoping she would, since it seemed that that would be intriguing. Come to think of it, if it weren't for a convenient dodge that they cannot remember much about their previous lives, wouldn't you think that since their minds are intact these girls would be tempted to communicate with former loved ones? That rather than chance encounters as has been happening here, they would actively go looking for people they once knew? It seemed to me that that would be intriguing--wouldn't it be awesome if the show remained as funny as ever, yet had a moving side to it as well?

In a way, it does. In episode ten Sakura has a deja-vu like experience that refreshes her memory. What happened was surprising and intriguing. In the final episode we finally get an answer to the question of why she was included in the group, and it makes perfect sense.

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