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ONO Yuuki
Mahiru has a problem: she seems to be pregnant, even though she swears she is still a virgin. She confides in Itsuki, the male friend and relative that she trusts. As if this wasn't strange enough, before they can decide what to do, they are somehow transported to the magical land of Granvania.

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3589#628]
(One episode watched):

When I tried to look up the data on this show within the ANN encyclopedia of anime, I got an apologetic statement that the page was not available. I couldn't help thinking that perhaps the truth was that ANN simply didn't want to touch this show with a ten foot pole, because it soon becomes clear that it is very sordid and is little more than animated pornography (the page was available before long). I should have guessed such a thing, judging from the images of nude lovers embracing in bed that it begins with. Mahiru's inexplicable problem was actually kind of intriguing for a minute or two, but then it gradually becomes clear that this is little more than the common format of adventure in a magical land being overlaid with plentiful sexual innuendo. It turns out that in order to save this land from evil the male protagonist must screw twelve different priestesses so that they can give birth to a new generation of noble warriors, or something like that. Mahiru, it turns out, is one of the twelve and while the actual act is censored it appears that the two duly perform their duty--usually an anime doesn't go any further than guardedly talking about such a thing. Even so, it wasn't all that titillating; it seems like low quality porn that a Japanese teenager might settle for if nothing better is available. It became clear that the plot was little more than an excuse for the ecchi. The two teenagers believe the fantastical story they have been told without a second thought, because if they thought twice they might not wind up in bed together. Also, the animation was unremarkable--I'm kind of surprised that a major studio like Gonzo had anything to do with this show. In the end, Conception was one of the most shallow and unambitious anime I have ever seen. If I had worked on producing it, I would be embarrassed.

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