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Rent Sato Yo is a high school boy who likes SEGA games. One day, he enters a grocery store to buy some food for dinner. When he tries to take a bento box, he loses consciousness. He comes around to find all the bento sold out. He notices there is a war game going on at grocery stores and players called "Wolves" compete for the half-priced bento. Yarizui Sen, the leader of the Half-Pricer Club, forces Yo to join the club and he enters the bento war.

Candy Boy
Watch Candy Boy began as an eight minute ONA produced by Anime International Company, and directed by Takafumi Hoshikawa. Advertised as a school love comedy, the story focuses on the relationship between Kanade and Yukino Sakurai, twin sisters in their second year in a Tokyo high school, and the conflict provided by freshman Sakuya Kamiyama's feelings towards Kanade. Seven more 15 minute ONAs are to be "streamed" as well, continuing the story.
Candy☆Boy Watch See Candy Boy

Unevaluated Mahiru has a problem: she seems to be pregnant, even though she swears she is still a virgin. She confides in Itsuki, the male friend and relative that she trusts. As if this wasn't strange enough, before they can decide what to do, they are somehow transported to the magical land of Granvania.
Dolls' Frontline Unevaluated See Girl's Frontline

Girl's Frontline
Unevaluated In 2045, WWIII breaks out. A popular weapons system is the Tactical Doll, a mechanical life form that is virtually indistinguishable from a (female) human. After the war the T-Dolls of the major weapons manufacturer Sangvis Ferri refuse to lay down their arms and rebel against humanity. Griffin, a private military company, sends an AR team of four of it's own T-Dolls to try to ascertain the cause of the rebellion and put a stop to it.

Log Horizon
Watch Elder Tales is an online fantasy RPG that has become popular worldwide. But when its twelfth expansion package, "Cultivate the Noosphere," is installed, thirty thousand players in Japan are trapped inside. Among them is grad student Shiroe, who isn't very good at interacting with others. But to survive in a world full of monsters, he forms a guild called "Log Horizon" with an eclectic group of other players.

Lucky Star
Rent Having fun in school, doing together homework, cooking and eating, playing videogames, watching anime. All those little things make up the daily life of the anime- and chocolate-loving Izumi Konata and her friends. Welcome to the sometimes relaxing but more than often simply funny lives of four friends!

Medaka Box
Watch Kurokami Medaka is the new President of the Student Council at her high school, and immediately sets about fixing every problem, no matter how serious or trivial. "She thinks she is at the top of the universe, looking down on everyone!"

Rent The black swindler Kaiki Deishu, who once deceived Hitagi, returns to town and spreads the incantation which cursed Nadeko before. Koyomi's sisters Karen and Tsukihi try to capture Deishu but...
Raki Suta Rent See Lucky Star
めだかボックス (Japanese) Watch See Medaka Box
らき☆すた (Japanese) Rent See Lucky Star
ドールズフロントライン Unevaluated See Girl's Frontline
ベン・トー (Japanese) Rent See Ben-To
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