gdgd men's party

Title:gdgd men's party
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Notables: Animation - Bouncy
HARA Natsuko
MATSUOKA Yoshitsugu
Video gaming friends Light and Yomi find themselves transported to an alternate, video game-like reality where their android guide, Alpha, leads them on a quest to rescue Princess Harmony.

12 episodes
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Rent Stretch [series:3488#628]

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My first impression of gdgd was that this was the sort of show where you don't completely 'get' the jokes, yet the humor is infectious and you find yourself laughing anyhow. Maybe just a small fraction of the comedy rubs off on us, yet the show is fairly funny and that's enough. This seemed like a matter of superdeformed characters powered by computer generated animation in a parody of video gaming in general. The three guys clown around as they pursue a pretty stereotypical video game adventure, presumably leading to an encounter with the top evil boss, the 'Demon Lord'. It's sort of like Mystery Science Theater 3000 for video games. I got a number of laughs out of this in exchange for a few minutes of my time, which is a pretty good deal. Episode two didn't strike me as quite as funny however; I didn't really know what the guys were talking about in some cases, and when I did, it didn't seem all that clever. The teasers at the end of episodes are jokes themselves, though again I didn't always get them. One, for example, suggested that episode three would be a parody of Yuri on Ice, of all things (the fact that it was just a joke sort of disappointed me, since I was looking forward to it). After awhile the novelty seemed to wear off for me, and the humor wasn't quite as 'infectious' as it had first seemed. Perhaps that was because the humor bounced all over the place, from topic to topic, without much of a coherent plot to tie things together. Since I am not Japanese myself, around half of the jokes make no sense at all to me. Once and a while I couldn't help bursting out laughing, like during the encounter with 'Mr. nothing-but-underpants', who is a gross guy dressed as the name would imply, in episode nine. All the while Princess Melody languishes alone in her prison cell, sometimes fantasizing about the hero who will rescue her and sometimes just getting impatient. The final episode was slightly touching, which came as a surprise since there had been no indication previously that the show was making any attempt at that. In short, a strange show with mixed results which perhaps no two people will feel the same about.

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