Killing Bites

Title:Killing Bites
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Notables: AMAMIYA Sora
Animation - LIDEN FILMS
For centuries, the Zaibatsu--the four most influential houses of Japanese merchants--have secretly conducted brutal gladiatorial fights in a strange game for wealth and influence. They still go on today, and since they carry immense importance gene therapy has been employed to create Therianthropes, human/animal hybrids that are especially deadly. Unsuspecting college student Yuuya Nomoto stumbles upon them, and soon finds himself inextricably entangled.

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3485#628]
(One episode watched):

It was hard to take the bizarre premise of this show seriously; there is plenty of action and blood getting spilled, but the psychological intensity was minimal. Instead, breast fondling and raw violence seem to be the two mainstays of this anime. The plot didn't make a whole lot of sense either; it was hard to believe that a stranger, Yuuya, would not only be spared after discovering this top secret blood sport but would be forced to basically act as the guardian of a deadly (and sexy) female Therianthrope. Apparently his life was wagered on a fight without his permission, yet he was considered the winner of the bet. This show is too crazy and too crass for me; it is too implausible and too lacking of any real deepness to be really intriguing.

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