Jarinko Chie

Title:Jarinko Chie
Chie the Brat
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Chie Takemoto is a dependable girl who struggles to help her troublesome father run a small tavern in Osaka. Unbeknown to her dad, she occasionally visits her mother who left him not too long ago. She plans on trying to reunite them, but not until her father gets a job.
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110-minute film released on April 11, 1981.
Animated by TMS.
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Rent 7 6 6 5 6 Ggultra2764 [series:3415#1552]
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Marking my 1600th review on Mikomi is this obscure anime film directed by Isao Takahata that may remind you of his later work, My Neighbors the Yamadas, in that both are mundane family comedies focused on the everyday antics and quirks of the families they focus on. Chie the Brat focuses on 10-year old Chie helping to support running her irresponsible father, Tetsu's struggling tavern and still dealing with a divorce from her mother. While milking comedy off the antics of the cast such as Tetsu's gambling habits and a yakuza cat seeking revenge on a stray cat Chie cares for, the film also delivers some light drama that includes a relatable scenario with Tetsu feeling melancholy with Chie secretly bonding with her mother behind his back and trying to find a means to connect with her. The comedy had more misses for me with this film since I didn't feel myself clicking with it compared to My Neighbors the Yamadas, but I suppose that may be more my personal tastes talking. Also the film is rather dated with its animation which may limit its appeal to more recent anime fans. Still if you're a fan of older anime or Isao Takahata's works in general, it wouldn't hurt to give Chie the Brat a look if you ever come across it.

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