Tsuredure Children

Title:Tsuredure Children
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Notables: Animation - Studio Gokumi
A brief glimpse of the relationships within numerous teenage couples.

12 episodes
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Watch 7 6 7 6 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:3394#1552]
Tsuredure Children's a four-koma adapted anime focused on the comical interactions of several high school couples going through the awkwardness of their relationship developments. Like many titles of its ilk, the comedy will make or break your enjoyment of this series since the characters don't have much going for them in regards to depth and are mostly pretty two-dimensional thanks to the short length of each episode and the breakfire pace that this series crams its focus on each couple. The series was quite hit-or-miss for me throughout its run, having its couples that got me some laughs, like Kana and Chiaki, and others I was rather indifferent towards. If you enjoy romantic comedies and looking for something that's a quick watch, I suppose you may get more enjoyment out of this series than I did.

Last updated Thursday, October 11 2018. Created Thursday, October 11 2018.
Rent Stretch [series:3394#628]
(All episodes watched):

This show has a large cast and we bounce back and forth between couples, sort of like a series of 4-koma comics about them. While that doesn't bode well for longterm plot, I found this to be a cute and amusing show which does a good job of what it does. We quickly get an idea of what's unique about each relationship and witty writing delivers a laugh regarding it. The teens struggle with the usual quandaries--like what should I (and shouldn't I) say? What would be going too far and what wouldn't be going far enough? They try to calculate their actions to get closer rather than farther away from their desired mates. We also get the feeling that there's something special about each pair, which is something of an accomplishment. What the characters do and say subtly sends us this message, rather than it being rammed down our throats. A 15 minute format doesn't overstay its welcome. I was pleased by this above average story of teen romance.

Last updated Friday, October 27 2017. Created Tuesday, August 01 2017.

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