Aho Girl

Title:Aho Girl
Idiot Girl
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Notables: Animation - Diomedea
SUGITA Tomokazu
Yoshiko Hanabatake is an air-brained student whose only goal is to eat bananas. Her longtime neighbor Akuru Akutsu forces a semblance of discipline upon her.

12 episodes
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The rambling, wacky OP song of this show had me laughing even before the main story had begun. Yoshiko is an idiot, but a likeable idiot. Her rambling, blathering dialogue has a touch of cleverness to it, somehow. She's more lazy and negligent that out-and-out stupid, but maintains a cheerful attitude which it's hard to dislike. It may have been a good idea to limit the episodes to twelve minutes each (subdivided into four different skits), though, since one can only bear so much idiocy at a time. But I enjoyed the show. I seemed to get one or two jokes which genuinely make me laugh in each episode, while the rest make me smile. That's actually better than many anime comedies manage to do. The show doesn't rely on fanservice, which is admirable. There was little or no long running plot. It was a modestly entertaining but easily forgettable show. It's hard to think of much to say about shows of this sort; they don't really try to do anything more than tell you some slightly funny jokes, but at least Aho Girl managed to do that.

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