Frame Arms Girl

Title:Frame Arms Girl
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KAHO Narumi
High schooler Ao Rennai receives a package from, she's guessing, her overseas parents. It contains a Barbie-sized doll, a 'Frame Arms Girl', and a host of miniature military equipment for it. But, once activated this doll, named Gorai, possesses remarkable artificial intelligence and quickly becomes more of a friend than a toy. It also won't be the only Frame Arms Girl that Ao acquires.

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3329#628]
(Two episodes watched):

I must admit that this show has some charm to it. The semi-plausible premise that these Frame Arms Girls are test products being distributed as a sort of market research makes a good deal more sense than them being warriors involved in genuine combat against some inexplicable threat would. They are supposed to learn things in order to improve the next batch of FAGs, which is logical. There seems to be a good deal of potential awaiting exploitation in this friendship which is liable to develop between a human and toys that are almost as intelligent as she is. On the other hand, I couldn't help noticing that the FAGs panties are exposed to view. This might easily be a fight-of-the-week show in which the FAGs square off in different contests in each episode--that would be much easier than writing a moving story with developing personalities. The contest in this opening episode was OK but didn't thrill me. The tips for removing Gorai's equipment parts from their plastic sprue sounded familiar to a model airplane builder like me. I can't place her, but Ao's face looks familiar (and I have a feeling I'm thinking of a halfway decent show). I really wish this show was funnier and/or I sensed an engaging long term plot coming together, because it does have a sort of spunk. The characters are likeable and the premise is unusual. But neither seemed to be happening. There were no LOL jokes in episode two, and it looks like each episode will consist of two lightweight, self-contained, episodic, silly tales without much of an ongoing plot running throughout the series. So, after a second episode I reluctantly quit watching this show.

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