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Title:Little Witch Academia TV
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HAN Megumi
MURASE Michiyo
After being thrilled as a child by a performance by the renowned Witch 'Shiny Chariot', Kagari Atsuko ('Akko') resolves to become a Witch herself and enrolls in the Luna Nova magical academy. She finds that the cards are stacked against a girl like her, who comes from a family with no experience in Witchcraft. But she also finds new friends and resolves to soldier on.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3300#628]
(Two episodes watched):

Well, I have never understood the fascination with magic that the world is experiencing right now (a feeling of pessimism about reality, perhaps?), but this seems like a fairly fun show with interesting characters. I was struck by how seldom a character who isn't an out-and-out villain has such a listless look on her face as Akko's friend Sucy does--is it that difficult to make an anime character distinctive? Akko is spunky and seems like an underdog that I can sympathize with. The animated magic is fun, but again magic alone won't be enough to entertain me, there will need to be an interesting story here as well. It's too soon to say for sure, but so far I am guardedly optimistic.

The theme of episode two seems to be 'you people think you are such awesome witches but Akko is in fact much better than you, by virtue of her honesty and unselfishness'. I hope every episode won't just be a restatement of this 'up yours' message. The teacher who has taken an interest in Akko while most view her with disdain, and the fact that a star pupil seems to have been startled by her skills, are reasons to be optimistic that an interesting plot will come together.

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