B-Project: Kodou Ambitious

Title:B-Project: Kodou Ambitious
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Sumisora Tsubasa was nothing but a clerk at a CD store until recently, when for some reason she was offered a job at Gandala Music. Now she's the A&R (whatever that stands for) for B-Project, a group of three small male Idol groups. She will have to learn on the job.

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3225#628]
(Two episodes watched):

A girl's dream come true--to be assigned to work with ten very hot dudes in a reverse harem situation, even though you have no job experience whatsoever. It was a little corny and predictable that Tsubasa nevertheless makes a brilliant deduction which proves herself useful on her very first day at work--again, a dream come true. Still, you can't help liking this girl who finds herself in a very awkward situation yet does her best. And we learn a little about how performances are recorded, which was interesting. Plus, a few decent laughs. Episode two, however, did not exactly thrill me. A problem is solved, but I detected no signs of Tsubasa's (or anybody else's) personality growing, or an overarching plot coming together, or an explanation of why Tsubasa was given this job in the first place. It suggests that her personality will be deliberately left vague, so that viewers can imagine themselves being in her place without the distraction of an interesting character already being there. Without a basic problem and a developing plot I don't see much point in watching lots of eye candy as minor problems pop up and are just as quickly fixed (perhaps one for each still undeveloped male idol character). So, I guess I will pass on B-Project.

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