Ushio to Tora TV 2

Title:Ushio to Tora TV 2
Ushio and Tora TV 2
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Notables: Animation - MAPPA
Second part of Ushio to Tora TV.

13-episode TV anime that premiered on April 1, 2016.
Animated by MAPPA.
Also see: Ushio and Tora.
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Continuing from where its first season concluded, Ushio and Tora explores our titular pair's ongoing conflict with the demonic being, Hakumen no Mono. The conflict escalates when Hakumen manipulates the memories of humans and demons who encountered the pair, making them forget about our leads and causing a rift between the two races. The escalation of these developments finally lead Hakumen to make his presence felt and test the bonds between all characters seen throughout the series to deal with the powerful threat as Ushio and Tora try undoing the foe's manipulations and a number of supporting characters become victim to them. This part of the series does unveil the origins of Tora and Hakumen, showing both have closer ties to one another than expected. The final episodes do resort to some plot conveniences during a number of the fights with Hakumen and with so many characters, some do get lost in the shuffle to flesh out how they are affected by Hakumen's manipulations. But still, this final third of Ushio and Tora did well to wrap up the series and make Hakumen come off as a convincing enemy threat throughout the show's run.

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