Jitsu wa Watashi wa

Title:Jitsu wa Watashi wa
Actually, I Am…
実は私は (Japanese)
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HANAE Natsuki
Asahi Kuromine is an honest-to-a-fault guy whose weakness is that he cannot keep secrets. All of a sudden, he finds himself with a whopper of a secret to keep: the girl he was about to confess to is actually a vampire!

13 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3076#628]
(Eight episodes watched):

Scene one and the OP sequence of Jitsu left me thoroughly confused about what was going on and what the premise of this show would be. It seems to be a comedy about a romance between a guy and a girl who happens to be a vampire--a nice vampire, apparently (who says they are always bad?). She makes no attempt to bite Asahi's neck and he doesn't seem to fear her. Does it make sense? I don't know. 'Confusion' is the one word which best sums up my reaction to episode one. Will there be much wit and quality to this anime? Again, I don't know. Episode one basically reveals the main twist to the plot and what, if anything, the show will do with it remains to be seen in episode two and beyond. Do the characters have a decent amount of personality? Again, too soon to say. It may be nothing more than a harem. But this was weird enough that I will watch at least one more episode.

I may be crazy, but this show isn't all that bad. There are two shows running this season with a premise of a harem of semi-human girls forming around a guy--Jitsu and Monster Musume. The latter is clearly little more than an excuse for fanservice and ecchi, and thereby sucks, but the priorities for Jitsu are comedy first and fanservice second. While it is hardly hilarious, this is an amusing show which I don't mind watching--though I can't be certain that my interest will last for twelve episodes or so. This is a relatively innocent show which doesn't patronize me, and I appreciate that.

In episode two we get a curious answer to the question of why Asahi need not worry about being bitten by what's-her-name. It could happen, and thus provides a sort of foundation on which to build the plot of the series. We also get a second supernatural girl of a rather unexpected sort. In episode three the usual pushy school newspaper reporter (but even more pushy than usual here) has a special power (if it can be called that) which is truly bizarre: her eyeglasses seem to have a mind of their own and she can talk to them--either that or she's insane. I hope that some sort of plot emerges and it isn't just a matter of Asahi collecting more and more strange girls into his harem.

This is a show which has a certain goofiness to it which I can't help responding to by smiling as I watch. I don't laugh outright all that much, but it's fun nevertheless. Perhaps that's because the episode scenarios are ridiculously unusual--like how the alien girl becomes separated from the android body that she usually is inside of in episode four, or the vampire girl has trouble getting suntanned or sunburned when she exposes herself to daylight in episode five. You know that trouble is going to ensue, but it is so outlandish that you can't help smirking when it does. Sometimes you roll your eyes; it's almost like vaudeville. This show deserves some credit for that. More of a silly show than a funny one.

Not every episode is amusing; they are hit-or-miss. Episode eight made my eyes roll. Stories are simple and episodic; I wish some sort of longterm plot would come together (as with pretty much every anime I'm currently watching), but doubt that it will. When I stumbled across this review several months later, I found that I couldn't remember whether I had watched the entire series or not.

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