Denpa Kyoushi - He Is an Ultimate Teacher

Title:Denpa Kyoushi - He Is an Ultimate Teacher
Ultimate Otaku Teacher
電波教師 (Japanese)
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KAMIYA Hiroshi
Junichiro Kagami was once a brilliant student and, even before he graduated from high school, was a renowned theorist in the field of physics. Now he's little more than an otaku NEET. But his sister persuades him (using a baseball bat) to go accept a job back at his old high school as a teacher.

24(?) episodes
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Watch 7 6 6 5 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:3035#1552]
Largely, the whole premise of Ultimate Otaku Teacher involves a series of story arcs where its titular otaku character is aiding students with their personal problems a la Great Teacher Onizuka using his otaku knowledge to aid them in some way after being forced into taking a teaching job by his younger sister. The premise itself has its fair share of issues with Kagami being pretty difficult as a character to give a hoot about due to being an obnoxious and lazy man-child due to his otaku lifestyle, being seemingly flawless in all his plans for resolving each story arc, and the stories of the characters he aids being pretty typical of the character types they depict and whom get reduced to irrelevance once their stories are resolved unless required by the plot to get involved in some way. Also not helping matters is it looked like the anime was made on a tight budget with how rough and inconsistent it looks at points with animation, settings, and character designs. In short, this is a pretty forgettable and underwhelming slice-of-life comedy with a lead character that may not be everyone's cup of tea due to his abrasive personality and how seemingly flawless his plans come off.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3035#628]
(Six episodes watched):

I'm sure this show could have been better, but I sort of liked it. I didn't laugh much, but there seems to be a story here about a likeable guy (though he was pretty much a jerk while talking to the principal) who was once a prodigy physicist but has become discouraged, partly because the theory he came up with is so far-reaching that it probably won't become technically feasible within his lifetime. I hope that wasn't just a bit of trivia about him and we'll hear more about it; and that he will grow and change, and perhaps recover the enthusiasm he once had. The first major task he has as a teacher is to end the bullying of a girl who hopes to be a voice actress someday, and she got some personality as well--I hope she wasn't just a one-episode character. I'm a sucker for otaku themes, and since DK didn't completely squander that advantage by being painfully unfunny or fanservice-laden, I was willing to watch for the time being.

Episode two reinforced a worry I have that Kagami will simply solve one unlikely problem every week with a thoroughly unlikely trick that doesn't exactly thrill me. If that is so, the show is liable to be predictable and uninteresting. He outsmarts people, but the way he does so doesn't seem all that surprising or brilliant. The show especially needs an interesting longterm plot because there are no way near enough laughs to carry it along via humor alone. The animation is rather crude as well. And having a new character's introductory arc last longer than one episode (as was the case with the only male student) causes me to run out of interest and switch the TV off. I wanted this show to shape up and was not quite prepared to give up on it, but the odds did not seem to be in my favor. It is pretty simplistic, unsurprising, not terribly funny, yet it has a little charm to it and I remained semi curious about where the story would go. But don't ever think you can whack an unsuspecting person on the back of the head with a baseball bat, as Kagami's sister apparently does, because that could easily kill them instantly.

Well, it seems that the fansubbers that were supplying me with episodes of this show have lost interest in it, and it's hard to blame them. It is pretty unremarkable; the sort of show where you start mentally composing dialogue of your own that you would have the characters speak, because what you are being given is frustrating. I'm sure I could watch it straight off my computer, but it doesn't seem worth the inconvenience.

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