Tokyo Ghoul √A

Title:Tokyo Ghoul √A
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Notables: Animation - Studio Pierrot
R1 License - FUNimation
Continuing where Tokyo Ghoul left off, Kaneki's mentality has become warped due to the torture he sustained by Aogiri Tree and has gained new powers as a ghoul from this horrific experience. He deserts those at the Anteiku to pursue a path to slaying other hostile ghouls.

12-episode TV anime that premiered on January 8, 2015.
Animated by Studio Pierrot
Licensed by Funimation.
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Rent 8 7 8 7 7 8 Ggultra2764 [series:2996#1552]
Continuing where Tokyo Ghoul left off, this second season explores the growing hostility and conflict that arises between the ghoul-led Aogiri Tree and the ghoul exterminating CCG. Kaneki winds up joining up Aogiri's ranks to deal with CCG, though he doesn't get as much focus in this series. Instead, we get focus on several of the characters involved with CCG and Aniteku that explore either their pasts and in the case of those involved with CCG, how they became part of the organization. This allows major characters among both factions to be fleshed out to allow viewers to connect with both sides and understand their motives, especially in the final episodes of the series when both sides get in a rather intense battle with one another. The lack of focus on Kaneki compared to the first season does kill much reason for one to care for him, though his reduced role does lead this new season to be an improvement over the first season to a degree since his angsting fits over his predicament made it hard to connect with him at points. There are some new characters introduced that we don't know much about and the series has teased a possible third season since it is unclear what happens with Kaneki in the finale of this series. Otherwise if you enjoyed the first season of Tokyo Ghoul's first season, you'll likely get as much enjoyment out of this second season.

Last updated Thursday, March 26 2015. Created Thursday, March 26 2015.
Unevaluated Stretch [series:2996#628]
(Three-and-a-half episodes watched):

Well, I did not particularly like the final arc of the first season of Tokyo Ghoul, what with the sadistic violence and asshole ghouls of the strange Aogiri group coming to town and wreaking havoc for confusing reasons. Protagonist Kaneki seemed to have snapped somehow and maybe gone over to the dark side; he's now an awesome warrior but doesn't seem to be the same guy I could once sympathize with. He was about the only character I cared about, and now he seems to have forfeited his humanity and become just another ghoul. Does he have a goal, an objective, which is worthwhile? Something more than revenge? I don't know. I was hoping that maybe he and the police inspector he once fought would make a contact and Kaneki would convince him that not all ghouls are bad, but I can't say for certain that Kaneki is a good guy anymore. Episode one of this second season is basically a continuation of the wild battle that broke out near the end of TG1. And, I am sorry to say, it did not particularly thrill me. Plenty of fighting, but I have largely lost track of what's going on and this episode didn't bring me up to speed. I just feel that the plot of Tokyo Ghouls has warped itself into such a shape that I can't understand it anymore and don't feel much motivation to try. The ghouls have become inexplicable supernatural demons, and likewise inexplicable supernatural weapons, 'Quinqes', are needed to fight them. What exactly is a Quinqe and how does it work? I dunno. They're just supposed to be cool, I guess. Why would a creature which eats human flesh gain fantastic powers (Kaneki was a perfectly ordinary guy not too long ago)? I dunno. How did Ghouls get started? Again, I dunno. I want answers, but I'm not getting them. It frustrates me that this makes so little sense. Somebody will have to explain to me why the hell Kaneki would choose to do what he did at the end of episode one (Isn't the Aogiri group the enemy that he was fighting moments before?). There are fancy-ass weapons and plenty of pointless violence, but I don't really care about different ghoul factions beating each other up and the humans aren't entirely good guys either. Fancy special effects, wholesale destruction--but not much of an interesting plot. Different warriors beat the shit out of each other, but nobody really wins or loses. During the fight at the 'Cochlea' prison I got very tired of seeing the characters show off by slaughtering dozens of nameless prison guards or minor ghouls, and I just turned the show off and watched something else. I think I will quit TG2; I guess I have just gotten tired of the Tokyo Ghoul story as a whole and the first episodes of this sequel only reminded me of that.

Last updated Tuesday, February 10 2015. Created Wednesday, January 14 2015.

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