Mushishi: Zoku-Shō

Title:Mushishi: Zoku-Shō
Mushishi: The Next Chapter
蟲師 続章
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Notables: Animation - Artland
R1 License - NIS America
Mushi; the life-blood of nature. They exist everywhere in various forms: micro-organisms, fungi, bodies of water. Sometimes, they're even mistaken to be plants, animals, or spirits. But regardless of their appearance, they exist, nonetheless, living they only way they know how. At times, their actions can cause strange or unexplainable phenomena. Enter Ginko, the Mushishi (mushi master), as he continues encountering, studying, and dealing with the mysterious mushi along his journey into the unknown.
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20 episode TV anime that aired in two 10-minute blocks in April 2014 and October 2014.
Animated by Artland.
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Buy 8 7 8 8 9 9 Ggultra2764 [series:2871#1552]
Mushishi Zoku-sho continues showing off the excellent episodic storytelling it features with Ginko tending to differing dilemmas involving beings known as mushi effecting humans in differing ways. The storytelling style hasn't really changed all that much since its first season was out years ago in that differing themes get brought up involving how someone is affected by a mushi and there are differing outcomes to the case where Ginko is able to provide a solution or is unable to remedy things due to having limits to how he can help out. The series was still really good with mixing up its stories to keep things from getting repetitive, though it may still an acquired taste to some thanks to its episodic storytelling style and lack of action. If you enjoyed the first season of Mushishi years earlier, this second season is a definite recommendation.

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