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Title Rating Synopsis
Bug Master Buy See Mushishi
Mushi-Shi Buy See Mushishi

Buy Existing beyond the sight and lore of normal humans, they are neither plants or animals. Those few that know of them call them ‘Mushi’ and while they manifest themselves in a variety of apparitions and shapes, their appearance is always surrounded by strange events. If described, they can only be a strange appearance of life force energy, but very little is really known about them. Ginko is a ‘Mushi-Shi’, a supernatural and spectral spirit hunter, who travels around investigating any strange rumors and local legends that might be associated with the ‘Mushi’, with the intent of setting things right to permit them to continue to exist, unobserved by those in the real world.
Mushishi: The Next Chapter Buy See Mushishi: Zoku-Shō

Mushishi: Zoku-Shō
Buy Mushi; the life-blood of nature. They exist everywhere in various forms: micro-organisms, fungi, bodies of water. Sometimes, they're even mistaken to be plants, animals, or spirits. But regardless of their appearance, they exist, nonetheless, living they only way they know how. At times, their actions can cause strange or unexplainable phenomena. Enter Ginko, the Mushishi (mushi master), as he continues encountering, studying, and dealing with the mysterious mushi along his journey into the unknown.
蟲師 Buy See Mushishi
蟲師 続章 Buy See Mushishi: Zoku-Shō

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