Majin Bone

Title:Majin Bone
Dragon Bone
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Notables: KENN
TACHIBANA Shinnosuke
YOSHINO Hiroyuki
An anime adaptation of Bandai's digital card game "Majin Bone".

Animation by Toei.

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25 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:2870#628]
(One episode watched):

Another 'ordinary boy finds himself to have extraordinary latent powers and must help fight off a threat to earth' show. By coincidence I'm currently rewatching Valvrave, which has a similar basic premise, and the comparison hasn't been kind to Majin Bone. Whereas Valvrave manages to stand out from the pack with some genuinely weird and intriguing twists, nothing particularly unusual struck me about Majin Bone. Stereotypically cool looking mecha pilots; a teen who likes girly magazines; a female friend who watches over him; a mystical and mysterious relic; and of course fighting robots. But nothing fresh that makes one sit up and take notice. I would almost say that more time is spent on a dog barking than on character development (If we could understood what the dog was saying, it would probably have more character than the protagonist does at the end of the episode). A basic explanation of the premise is still incomplete at the end of episode one, but we can probably guess most of it--or at least I can guess that when it comes, the more-or-less complete premise won't interest me. This show doesn't really do anything grievously wrong (except maybe for the simplistic character designs), but it doesn't dare to do much of anything right either. There's little to complain about but wasted potential.

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