Zetsumetsu Kigu Shoujo Amazing Twins

Title:Zetsumetsu Kigu Shoujo Amazing Twins
Amazing Twins
Extinct Device Girl - Amazing Twins (literal translation)
絶滅危愚少女 Amazing Twins (Japanese)
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Notables: UCHIDA Aya
Amane Todoroki is a young girl who is straightforward but also unthinking. She will try her very best in everything and say, "I don't know how to answer you if you ask me whether this can be done. I just believe it can. If not, then nothing will get started." She easily gets stuck in her thinking, but she can also get easily moved at something small and start crying.
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[OVA, 2013/14, 2 episodes, 30 min; original story]

"絶滅" ("zetsumetsu") = "destruction, extinction"; "危" ("ki") = "dangerous"; "愚" ("gu") = "foolish, absurd" (this looks like a wordplay as "kigu" = "utensil" would be written with different kanji "器具"); "少女" ("shoujo") = "girl, young lady"
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Watch 8 8 7 5 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:2860#1552]
Amazing Twins is as cliched as you can get in its premise revolving around our female lead's use of psychic powers for entertaining others while a mad scientist seeks to test her power out on other psychics for his own ends. Tackling of moe and psychic powers is nothing new in anime and this baby doesn't really do much in offering a fresh focus on both as the psychic powers mostly exist to show off its nicely animated battle scenes and the moe elements exist only to pander to its audience, especially with Amane's rather saccharine character and the OVA's half-assed attempts at creating drama with aspects to its storytelling. Said storytelling isn't really that enthralling anyway due to both this title's limited run time to explore deeper elements to its world and characters, as well as some elements only existing as plot devices to create false moments of drama. Overall, Amazing Twins isn't really worth an hour to invest in unless you're a sap for moe titles.

Last updated Sunday, December 14 2014. Created Sunday, December 14 2014.
Unevaluated Stretch [series:2860#628]
(One episode watched):

I had assumed that this was the first episode of a new Winter season TV series, but in fact it appears to be the first half of a two episode OVA series. I recall liking the spirited OP sequence; otherwise, I don't recall much, even though it has only been two or three days since I watched it. In part that's due to the torrent of new shows which I have been watching lately, and the fact that I have been busy. I certainly didn't dislike it; but the fact that the basic premise didn't stick in my mind can't be good news. Something about some sort of psychic 'ISH' power, which wasn't exactly novel. I'm fortunate that I wrote a few comments down; one was that the show seemed to start off in a silly mode but turned deadly serious later on. Another is that protagonist Amane seems like a nice girl; she is naïve and foolish at times, but wants to do good unlike cynical people like Aya. Amane's 'twin' turns out to be a spirit--I forget what the rationale was. The show was amusing at times. And that's about all that struck me as worth writing down. In general, Twins just seemed pretty average and unexceptional--another fighting show that involves supernatural powers. Maybe one reason why I remember so little is that such shows are so common nowadays.

Last updated Monday, January 20 2014. Created Monday, January 20 2014.

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