Seitokai Yakuindomo*

Title:Seitokai Yakuindomo*
Seitokai Yakuindomo Bleep
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Notables: ASANUMA Shintaro
SATOU Satomi
A sequel to Seitokai Yakuindomo and Seitokai Yakuindomo: Kaette Kita Seitokai Yakuindomo.

[TV series, 2014, 13 episodes, 23 min]
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Watch Devil Doll [series:2842#752]
[10/13 episodes watched]

Basically more of the same, with beautiful background pictures.

The good thing is that no new characters are introduced, so we learn a bit more about the already existing ones.

The bad thing is that a concept like this one almost rules out any progress or developing story (the series explicitly mentions how the episodes are randomly selected manga chapters) and thus the decent characters go to waste.

But the field trip to Okinawa in episode 3 adds a healthy dose of romantic feelings to this comedy show, if only to kill the mood by the next lewd joke. In later episodes, there's walls of text for the subtitles (due to several characters frequently talking simultaneously), forcing me to watch episodes in stop-and-go mode (and occasionally even having to look up an English slang term in a dictionary in order to get the pun, sigh). But I can confirm Stretch's impression of the jokes being less dirty and slightly more funny than in the first season, partially because I got to know the lead characters well enough now to anticipate their typical behaviour - and have even more fun when the story still manages to surprise me (and that's the case frequently enough).

Maybe the reason for the second season to be better is that there's a little bit more story so the show doesn't provide that extreme 4-koma feeling of the first season (filling in as many dirty puns as possible in as little time as possible).

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:2842#628]
(11 episodes watched):

Although I had skipped most of the second series of SeitoYak, my memories of these characters were quickly refreshed--the shameless perverted girls (one of them very rich), the straight man, the flat-chested, physically childish one, the school newspaper photographer, etc, etc. Few, if any, new characters seem to have appeared since season one. Another thing which hasn't changed and must be quite popular is the lewd, erotic comedy premise of the show, seeing as this is it's third incarnation, after all. I recall that sometimes it was more disturbing than humorous, but for the most part episode one seemed semi funny. I might watch it; maybe the obnoxious elements have been toned down a little. There doesn't seem to be any longterm plot to SeitoYak, the characters don't develop, there is just more and more of the erotic comedy. If only the jokes were both lewd and seriously funny--I wouldn't feel vaguely dirty for laughing at them if that were the case.

Actually, I must admit that this show can be pretty funny and sometimes made me laugh fairly often (like episode two). Not all the jokes are obnoxious; some have nothing to do with sex at all. And most of those that do aren't as offensive as I remember them being in season one. I guess my wish has been partially granted: lewd jokes which are also seriously funny at times. Sometimes they are more funny than lewd, and sometimes more lewd than funny. It's frustrating to see that this show clearly could be a quality work rather than relying on sex, but still takes the easy way out half of the time. Around halfway through the series my attitude had shifted to looking modestly forward to new episodes of Seitoyak*, because they did make me laugh fairly often, which was something that several other comedy anime of the season hadn't managed to do. In episode six, one of the girls almost stumbles upon a career as an idol singer, which was an amusing change. Perhaps this third version of SeitoYak can be summarized like this: whereas the first two were more vulgar than funny, this incarnation is more funny than vulgar (even if just by a little).

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