Futari wa Milky Holmes

Title:Futari wa Milky Holmes
We Are Milky Holmes
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Notables: ITO Ayasa
Alice and Kazumi are two girls attending detective academy. They admire the 'phantom' detective team of Milky Holmes, and aspire to be like them someday. Little did they expect to actually meet their heroes!

A Summer 2013 series

12 episodes(?)

A sequel to Tantei Opera Milky Holmes and Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Dai-Ni-Maku

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:2775#628]
(Two episodes watched):

The Milky Holmes premise must be fairly popular in Japan, since this is its third TV incarnation. The first had a certain charm to it, while the second was decidedly mediocre and even I judged it not worth watching. This one seems to be taking a different approach, namely taking action and crime solving seriously rather than focusing on goofy humor. At least that was the impression I got from episode one; but this is a sort of half-length series, with episodes of around twelve minutes, so it was hard to be certain of anything. The two girls Alice and Kazumi get more attention than the girls of Milky Holmes themselves in this first episode, so it's hard to say who will get the limelight in general. A team of seven flamboyant thieves (stealing is about the most serious crime possible in Milky Holmes) is introduced as the villains. I frankly do not know whether I like this version or not; I wasn't even certain if the keyword 'Comedy' was appropriate this time around. But I decided to keep watching, for now.

Eh, this show is feeling like it is designed for small children. The voices of Alice and Kazumi are so sickly sweet that it's hard to believe that they were meant to appeal to adults. And the story is seeming too simplistic. Three of the four odd bad guys from season one reappear briefly, but a glimpse of each is about all we get and the missing one was the most fun, IMO. Will there be any continuity? What I liked about season one was the goofy comedy as the team of naïve loser detective girls manage to fight back and win via pluck and whole-heartedness; and the bizarre, laughable opponents they took on (not 'Twenty' however). But those elements seems to have been minimized in favor of moe and action, and the Milky Holmes team don't even seem to be the main characters any more. Thus, the show has been pretty well stripped of everything I liked, and I see little point in watching it.

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