Rumik World: En Tripper

Title:Rumik World: En Tripper
En Tripper
Fire Tripper
Rumic World: En Tripper
Rumik World:Fire Tripper
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Notables: MIZUSHIMA Yuu
Original Concept - TAKAHASHI Rumiko

A young five-year-old-child, Suzuko is thrown from a burning building of the feudal era (of Japan) into a futuristic world of a 20th century Japan. Having grown up and adapted to her new life, a catastrophic event of a burning natural gas storage facility envelopes both her and the five-year boy that she was escorting. The fireball returns her to the time of her childhood, where she is saved from bandits by a brash young warrior named Shukumaru . But for the fire tripper, she is surprised to learn that the moment permits her to hold dear both the child of her past, as well as the prince of the present.

[One 50-minute OAV episode based on the manga short story of the same name. Part of the Rumic World series of OAV shorts. Considered by some to be the title that paved the way for "Inuyasha" since there are many similarities between the two titles.

See also titles in the Rumic World series: The Supergal, Rumik World: Warau Hyouteki]

Note: Series was originally licensed by Central Park Media but that is no longer the case.
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Watch 6 6 6 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:273#1552]
Apparently this is a precursor to Inuyasha from what I'm looking up and I can see some of the similarities in terms of character, some key scenes and the plot of this one-shot OVA. While the means time travel is pulled in Fire Tripper doesn't really get explained very well, the basic plot of this is still decently focused on as Suzuko tries making sense of the strange events that have landed her in the feudal era and gets into some suspenseful moments dealing with a group of thieves threatening the village home of Shukumaru. The revelations concerning Suzuko and Shukumaru's origins are pretty predictable, but there's still enough told where you can get some genuine suspense out of threatening moments faced by the main duo. However with the fast pacing of the OVA, I couldn't really find myself buying the romantic pairing that developed with Suzuko and Shukumaru by the end of the OVA. It's not as bad as Maris the Choujo since this series does make effort at putting together some sort of plot. But its limited run time doesn't really make it a memorable title.

Last updated Thursday, April 17 2014. Created Thursday, April 17 2014.
Rent 10 7 8 7 7 AstroNerdBoy [series:273#436]

During the latter-half of Inuyasha's run, it came to my attention that Takahashi-sensei had done a pre-cursor series to Inuyasha, though not based on the same world. It was said to be her "dry-run" for creating her longest-running series (manga-wise). Since I enjoyed Inuyasha, I made it my mission to find a tape of this in Japanese or at worst, a VHS rip of this OAV. I succeeded.

For those who've seen Inuyasha, you will immediately see the parallels. While there are no youkai or magic swords, there is time-traveling between the modern era and the feudal era, only this time via fire rather than a well. Suzuko is a cross between Kagome (Inuyasha) and Kyouko (Maison Ikkoku). She looks and sounds like Kyouko (not surprising since SHIMAMOTO Sumi does both voices). However she also has the seifuku and some attitude of Kagome. Indeed, there's a bathing scene sometime after Suzuko arrives in the past that is almost identical to a similar scene in Inuyasha where Kagome bathes. The results are sorta similar too, though Kagome is more violent.

The male lead, Shukomaru, is the Inuyasha-type character, only with the dark hair and look of Kouga (Inuyasha). I half-expected Inuyasha's seiyuu to be doing the voice-work here, but since this was made in 1985, I guess not.

The OAV only lasts 50-minutes, but it is enough to establish the characters, have a little adventure, have a little romance, and then tie everything together. So for what it is, it isn't bad.

Bottom line: fans of Inuyasha will want to see the OAV that really started it all. For non-fans of Inuyasha, it is certainly worth a rent.

Last updated Monday, October 17 2005. Created Monday, October 17 2005.

Buy 7 7 7 5 8 Kaitou Juliet [series:273#137]
In my opinion, this is the best of the "Rumik World" shorts. It's got romance, swordfighting, mystery, and a nifty plot twist which I won't give away. Worth rewatching!

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