Twilight Q

Title:Twilight Q
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Notables: Animation - Studio DEEN
CHIBA Shigeru
NAYA Rokuro
OSHII Mamoru
{Part 1: Reflection} Mayumi is diving in the ocean, when she makes a strange find: a camera. Stranger still, the film in the camera holds a picture of herself on the arm of a man whom she's never before seen. When she discovers that the camera is of a model that has yet to be released, she begins to see the vague outlines of a very strange truth.

{Part 2: File 538} As airplanes mysteriously disappear in the sky, a private investigator spying upon a strange father-daughter pair finds himself caught up in their mystery.
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Two episode OVA series released on February 28 and August 28 of 1987.
Animated by Studio DEEN

Originally meant to be an OVA series that showcased prominent young directors in anime, low sales led to the OVA's cancellation after two episodes.
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Considering only two episodes of Twilight Q were ever created, both pretty much have their own self-contained stories from different directors. The visuals to both are great quality for late 80s anime having smooth details, vast shots of different settings, well animated movement from different objects and characters and good-looking character designs. Do expect occasional still shots from Twilight Q though.

The stories told through the two shorts, on the other hand, leave a bit to be desired. Reflection starts off like a mystery focused on the discovery of a camera and picture from two high school students that apparently come from the future. The story has little time to fully flesh out what exactly is going on as our female lead, Mayumi, deals with a mysterious "red tide" and goes through different time jumps in the future and past before the episode unveils where both the camera and picture came from. The narrative for this short is a bit disjointed and its lack of fleshing out made me care less about the predicament that Mayumi gets caught up in.

File 538 is slightly better in that there is proper fleshing out of the detective's background and the case he is investigating. It appeared the episode's director, Mamoru Oshii, was trying to replicate the surreal and dark setting he created from his earlier work, Angel's Egg. Strange things such as planes turning into giant fish and the detective losing all memory of his past self before realizing he is the guardian of the girl he was watching apparently are attempts to mess with the viewer's perceptions of what is going on in the episode. Because of how challenging and vague File 538 is to follow, it wouldn't be the best watch for casual anime fans or those not into deep, complex symbolism for their anime.

Overall, Twilight Q is a hard work to really recommend. While a decent demonstration of what Oshii and Tomoni Mochizuki are capable of as directors, both works they direct have their fair share of flaws or complexity that make their works either quite flawed or hard to follow for many folks. I suppose your mileage will vary on how well you warm up to this short OVA series.

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