Chitose Get You!!

Title:Chitose Get You!!
ちとせげっちゅ!! (Japanese)
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Notables: NAKAYA Sayaka
A series of three-minute shorts about the adventures of Chitose Sakuraba, an 11-year old girl with a crush on an adult man.

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Despite the potential for lolicon, this seems like a far more silly than perverted show to me. It gets a little suggestive at times, but more by 'accident' than due to the conscious thinking of the characters. As far as I can tell, neither Chitose nor her 'boyfriend' have any dirty ideas; indeed, it seems that he would rather she left him alone and she has little idea what the implications of male-female relationships might be. Thus, neither of them annoy me. He actually seldomly appears at all. The friction between Chitose and her love starved female schoolteacher plays as large a part as the romance that she likes to imagine with the guy. Most mini-eps seem to be about Chitose and her two friends. The jokes were OK, worth three minutes of my time. This was a silly little show worth the trouble of downloading and watching, but not much more. The characters haven't really developed distinctive personalities that would make them memorable; instead, they are generic--the raucous main character, the odd, subdued girl, and the normal girl who reacts to the strange behavior of the other two. Each episode is like a couple of 4-frame comics converted into a brief anime.

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