Acchi Kocchi

Title:Acchi Kocchi
Place to Place
あっちこっち (Japanese)
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Notables: OKAMOTO Nobuhiko
R1 License - Sentai Filmworks (ADV)
R1 License - Subtitled Only
The serious-minded Tsumiki and the pure-hearted Io feel they never want to be parted, and yet they haven't fallen in love yet. More than friends but not lovers, they develop an awkward quasi-romance.
(Synopsis courtesy of ANN)

A Spring 2012 series, based on a 4-koma manga series (ongoing since 2006)

12 episodes

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Watch 7 6 6 6 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:2560#1552]
So slice-of-life and romantic comedy are the mix here? Meh. This baby still rehashes the typical tropes of the high school slice-of-life genre with bizarre behavior and language puns shared among other titles like it. Plus, I wasn't really feeling for the romance between Io and Tsumiki since we never get to know how they got to the point their relationship was at, the relationship didn't advance at all and I could swear this setup feels like a cheap excuse to get the audience to go "dawwww" over the cute things that happen with the couple (especially with the characters animated to be overly cute here). Not that I have anything wrong with cute things in anime mind you. But I prefer to have some fleshing out to go alongside my cute character moments, which this title is sorely lacking in. Slice-of-life and maybe rom-com fans may be suckered into this. Otherwise, this isn't worth the time to dig into.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:2560#628]
(One episode watched):

I started watching this show but lost interest in a matter of seconds and switched to something else. Somehow a blue-haired girl with an ahoge and cat ears seemed to give this show the kiss of death before even a word of dialogue was spoken. About the best thing I can say about Acchi Kocchi is that it isn't offensive, since there is little fanservice (or was there? I have already forgotten). But it is painfully boring; a smile now and then is the best one can expect, not actual laughter. And what was the point of Tsumiki's cat ears anyhow? Is she some kind of catwoman, or were they some sort of metaphor? I don't know, and I don't care. The characters rang hollow to me; they have no significant personalities. Tsumiki's cat ears are her personality, and another girl's personality consists of her tendency to squirt blood from her nose (even though nothing particularly suggestive is going on). I have far better things to do with my time than watch this.

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