High School DxD

Title:High School DxD
ハイスクールD×D (Japanese)
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Notables: HIKASA Yoko
KAJI Yuuki
Issei Hyoudo is your typical high school boy. Horny and spends most of his time reading porno magazines.
Even though he attends a converted girls school (Ratio 1:9), he can't get a girlfriend.

Finally, a girl from a different school asks him out. He's overjoyed. He goes around on a date with her and at the end Yuma-chan says 'Will you do anything for me?', 'How about DIE for me', and she sprouts wings and kills him.

He awakens the next day as if nothing happened to him, but for some reason no one remembers Yuma......

Why is he alive? Why doesn't anyone remember Yuma? Why does the last thing he remember before dying was 'Red Hair'? And where can I buy one of those Clocks?
A Winter 2011 series

See also: High School DxD (2012), 1 OVA episode, to be released September 20, 2012
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Rent 8 7 7 5 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:2515#1552]
(Rent-/ Watch+)

This series is surprisingly decent in spite of its entry into the ecchi genre. While having the typical elements of ecchi like our perverted male lead Issei and a good amount of fan service and perverted content rear their head, High School DxD is smart enough not to use it to cover up a flimsy plot as this baby offers a good amount of exploration into its world and devoting focus on a number of characters among Rias and her servants among the Gremory family. Issei mixes around personality traits of a pervert and the hot-blooded main lead found within shounen battle anime. While he lusts for and peeps on girls, he doesn't act on his impulses and cares for the well-being of the girls he interacts with among the Gremory residence enough where he puts himself at risk to protect them. These traits are nothing new for an anime with Issei, but the series strikes a balance with these aspects to his personality so neither one gets too overbearing and obnoxious with the worst sides of these common character types.

Outside of Issei, many of the characters in High School DxD within the series follow typical archetypes found within high school and action-type anime. Some of the characters do get some fleshing out with how they've been affected by the supernatural elements within the series such as Rias' family status with devils and Asia's equal acceptance of all types of beings making her face prejudice by those among her church. Otherwise, the majority of the cast are mostly underdeveloped and exist to fulfill the tropes they personify from high school and action-based anime, counting the irredeemable cocky and scumbag antagonists that the series introduces to create conflict in a couple arcs of the series.

The world exploration within the series serves to explore differing elements to the supernatural world of High School DxD. Outside of devils, the series introduces a number of other magical abilities and supernatural creatures that include familiars, magical teleportation, fallen angels and dragons. Elements to being a devil within the series are decently fleshed out such as how servants are created, their weaknesses and the influence of higher families within the devil world are explored.

The action element to the series dabbles a bit into shounen territory with how it is handled. Many of the abilities used by the characters in the series are nothing new that has been seen in anime such as Issei's Boosted Gear looking like a knockoff of Kazuma's Shell Bullet power from s-CRY-ed and Yuto's use of a ridiculous number of swords for battle being like what Archer and Gilgamesh utilize from Fate/stay night. Also, the typical tropes of said genre such as the male lead getting a power boost in the heat of battle and refusing to give up in spite of overwhelming odds, as well as a battle game style match being utilized in a later episode. In spite of these issues, the fights are decently animated and the animators do well at covering up any shortcuts they may have utilized to get what they needed out of action scenes.

Overall, High School DxD is a surprisingly decent offering for the ecchi genre as it mixes supernatural lore and action with its storytelling while offering the typical perverted antics of ecchi. It doesn't break any new ground and I wouldn't recommend this to those who detest the ecchi genre and/or shounen battle titles. But if you don't mind a series that dabbles into both elements without going too far in depicting them, then High School DxD may be for you.

Last updated Thursday, July 16 2015. Created Thursday, July 16 2015.
Buy Forbin [series:2515#1573]
Ok first off.

LOTS AND LOTS of Nudity. This is not a show for those who are offended at the sight of a girl without a bra. No sex (Though if implied, is IMMEDIATELY dismissed as wrong)

Finally an Ecchi series that delivers
  • Epic Battles
  • Shounen Power Ups
  • Stupid hero....or is he?
  • Lots of pretty girls to save
  • A plot that STAYED on track
  • A good translation of the original Light Novel
  • A harem where EVERYONE but the MC knows about it.
  • Covers the 'Promised Girl','Moe Girl','Sexy Girl',and 'Pure Girl'
Hahaha, finally a show I can say is 100% perverted and good. This was what I thought Rosario + Vampire was going to be (Until I noticed 10 panty shots for every 1 minute of plot), this was what I thought Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou would've been if it achieved that perfect ending (instead of that WTF where did it come from ending). It took what I like about Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu (Which is very tame ecchi wise) and added a ton of nudity.

Issei is your TYPICAL high school boy. Completely run by his hormones and not afraid to show it to people. When asked what he wants, he screams OPPAI (If you don't know what this is, don't bother watching). He is loyal to his friends and is very protective to girls in trouble.

I thought the animators were going to screw up what was a perfect novel (In Animesuki the novel has over 1 million views), but instead they deliver a perfect 1-2 punch and even add things in a later novel that don't make sense if they happened way out in volume 8 (Issei learning magic traveling for example).

Last updated Sunday, March 25 2012. Created Sunday, March 25 2012.
Unevaluated Stretch [series:2515#628]
(One episode watched):

Perverted teenagers whose personalities consist of the desire to fondle girl’s breasts are so funny that I forget to laugh. Right from the start, it was clear that High School DxD was going to be a fanservice-driven show. When a girl’s nipples are visible even underneath her official school uniform, it becomes obvious that T&A will be substituting for wit and humor. As early as three minutes into this show, the urge to switch to something else was swelling up within me. When a show relies on fanservice—explicit, grotesque fanservice--rather than quality, the odds of there being much of anything original about it become pretty slim. Sure enough, what we get here are repackaged, regurgitated bits of plot which we have already seen numerous times before. It’s the usual ‘guy gets killed, is revived by sinister but sexy girl with supernatural powers, and becomes her minion’ story. But how do the makers expect us to be thrilled and take the plot seriously when they have already blatantly thrown all pretense of respectability to the wind? As is often the case nowadays, I was left thinking that I, a complete amateur, could have done better than this.

Last updated Sunday, January 08 2012. Created Sunday, January 08 2012.

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