Darker Than Black - The Black Contractor - Gaiden

Title:Darker Than Black - The Black Contractor - Gaiden
Darker Than Black OVA
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Hei and Yin have broken with the 'syndicate' and are now on the run. But the syndicate does not want to loose a doll as special as Yin and are chasing after them will as many contractors as they can muster. Japan is no longer safe, so Hei and Yin will have to escape to Taiwan - if they can manage to stay alive long enough to find a way off of the Japanese island.

A series of OVA episodes.

OVA sequel to Darker Than Black (1st season) and Darker Than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini (2nd season).

One (24min) Episode was released in January 2010.
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Rent 9 9 9 7 7 7 Ggultra2764 [series:2307#1552]
I have heard of the mixed reputation concerning Darker than Black's second season where it jumps into its plot without explaining what occurred and that this OAV was supposed to answer those questions. So rather than jump to the second season after I seen the first season, I chose to hop upon this set of OAV episodes just for the sake of plot continuity and that I might make a better judgment call when I critique the second season. Following the events after the first season, Hei and Yin are on the run from the Syndicate with other organizations eventually getting in on the chase upon learning that Yin's abilities are evolving to a point where she could threaten humanity and/ or Contractors depending on whomever has her. A good amount of the focus on this series was on the developments in Hei and Yin's relationship with Yin's increasing power slowly leading up to a rift in their bond as they continue to survive on the run which is decently explored considering Hei's efforts to prevent the loss of someone else he cares for and Yin's increasing affection for the guy. The detailed visuals and fluid animation the series was known for from the first season is retained. But just like the first season, I did have issues with how the series doesn't go too deep in exploring the circumstances leading up to its events, the big case being the evolution of Yin's power and what its significance would be. Hopefully, the show's second season provides answers to this as I do plan on seeing it soon enough.

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