Major 5th Season

Title:Major 5th Season
メジャー MAJOR
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Goro returns home just in time to find out that Japan will be participating in the Baseball World Cup to be held in the US. It so happens that his stepfather is also a member of the coaching staff for the national team. Confident in the abilities he gained in the minor league, Goro hopes to weasel himself into the team ...

25 TV Episodes (~24 min).

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Rent Jan-Chan [series:2283#967]
Tis actually a RENT-.

Having watched (most of) the entire series so far, the 5th season is on pare with the earlier ones.

Last season has Goro traveling to America to play in the ↗minor leagues in the deep south. Of course most of the US minor league players 'happen' to speak Japanese, but that is to be expected. The US team is mixed group of player (fairly representative of the US demographics) who initially resent the new comer to the team.

At the beginning of season 5, Goro returned to Japan and tried out for the Japanese National Team, but was discouraged with the results of his pitching. Feeling that he needs to practice more, Goro returns to America to play again in the Triple A minors, but the Japanese Team is playing in LA and they just lost one pitchers due to an injury. A phone call is made asking to borrow a certain Japanese pitcher to play on their team and help them out with the world championship games.

In short, standard shounen fare that has proven to very popular with the young Japanese anime crowd.

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