Ookami to Kohaku-iro no Yuuutsu

Title:Ookami to Kohaku-iro no Yuuutsu
Ookami to Koushinryou - Act 0
Spice and Wolf - Act 0
Spice and Wolf OVA
狼と香辛料 - Act 0
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Horo, Lawrence, and Nora (the shepherdess from the second half of Ookami to Koushinryou) are together at a tavern with Nora and Lawrence chatting together, much to the chagrin of an annoyed Horo. However, Horo passes out from a fever and Lawrence winds up caring for her.

ANN reported that an unaired episode of Spice & Wolf "Act 0" will be released in advance of the upcoming Spice and Wolf II (2nd season). This single episode release was bundled with the next Spice and Wolf visual novel on April 30. The Dengeki Bunko Visual Novel imprint bundled Isuna Hasekura and Jū Ayakura's Ōkami to Kin no Mugiho book with the Act O "Ōkami to Kohaku-iro no Yūutsu" DVD. [source: ANN]

One OVA episode (~23min)

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Rent 9 8 8 9 7 9 Devil Doll [series:2062#752]
[Score: 82% = maximum "Rent+"]

Despite being little more than a filler, this side-story episode almost got a "Buy" rating from me.

And that's because once again it does many things right, be that character chemistry, dialogs, and allowing to see Horo's thoughts about certain aspects of her past and present life. I should explicitly mention the Music, carefully selected to be appropriate for the time of the story's setting, emphasizing the medieval feeling of this episode.
Considering how Lawrence/Horo and Nora parted ways at the end of the first season it comes as a surprise to see them reunited now without any explanation; being a Nora fan this release makes me hope for more of her in the second season.

So rather a season 1 epilogue than a season 2 prologue but a good OVA nonetheless; few of these standalone releases will get ratings as high as this one from me.

Last updated Sunday, February 27 2011. Created Sunday, February 27 2011.
Rent Silence [series:2062#2939]
Cute amd a great hook into the actual season. That's all I can say, cos this is only 1 episode. Probably should lump it together with season 2 cos the theme of the dream runs parallel. Not much to say here

Last updated Sunday, September 27 2009. Created Friday, September 11 2009.
Rent 9 8 9 7 7 Ggultra2764 [series:2062#1552]
I went into this omake thinking it would be some sort of prequel to the first series. Instead, it was a side story to Horo and Lawrence's journey with Nora the shepherdess from the second half of the series. You do get in the head of Horo regarding her thoughts of Lawrence and being annoyed of the attention he is giving Nora. But beyond that, not much else happened. The visuals are on par with the quality of the first series and still look as good as before.

Granted, this is supposed to be a teaser to keep fans looking forward to Spice and Wolf II when it comes out this July. And it has certainly received my attention since Spice and Wolf was one of the few anime titles I took to liking from 2008. I look forward to seeing Spice and Wolf II in July.

Last updated Friday, May 01 2009. Created Friday, May 01 2009.

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