Dead Leaves

Title:Dead Leaves
デッド リーブス (Japanese)
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Notables: Animation - Production I.G.
R1 License - Manga Entertainment
Pandy and Retro, two unlikely renegades, awaken naked on Earth with no recollection of their past. After embarking on a devastating crime spree for food, clothing and transportation in downtown Tokyo (which lasts for a minimum of 5 minutes), they are captured by authorities and sent to the infamous prison called Dead Leaves, on the half destroyed moon. (source: ANN)

Running time: 50 minutes

1:42min Promo Video - ANN (med res) Video
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Watch 9 9 9 7 5 Ggultra2764 [series:2004#1552]
This was quite the bizarre title. Dead Leaves is quite gritty and manic throughout its run relying on over-the-top and quite often gory action scenes plus moments of crude and sexual humor (for example, one inmate has a drill for a certain part of his body) to hook folks into the movie. In that sense, the movie succeeds. It ignores trying to give reason to nearly anything and knows it, thus allowing the movie to get away with its ridiculous antics. To go along with it, the visuals do well at complementing the manic actions scenes seen throughout this film with the colorful and angular approach for character designs and scenery.

But once you look past the manic antics and the style, there isn't really very much else to get out of Dead Leaves. It tries to put together something to care about in revealing details on Pandy's past. But with how manic the movie's pacing is, I was more focused on the manic action and profane humor than a plot.

If you just want to have mindless comedy and action, Dead Leaves offers up a quick watch for you so long as you aren't offended by the violence and profane humor. But if you are looking for anything more, then this movie won't be your cup of tea.

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Buy 10 10 10 10 MayorPaine [series:2004#3050]
I will try to add a review later on today.

(2 months later)

Ok, this is one crazy anime. I know I haven't seen many but this one is definitely up there among the wildest things I've ever seen, and I've seen some pretty crazy things. It starts off with the two anti-heroes waking up naked with amnesia and within minutes they are arrested for causing mayhem in the city leaving a path of destruction. Then they get sent to the moon prison where the story takes place.

In this prison they meet a wide range of distinguished characters with it's own unique traits. If you think one of the main characters is weird for having a TV for a head, you haven't seen anything yet. I don't want to give anything away (mostly because I barely remember) but this is sure to have you on the floor laughing whilst saying "What the #%@&!?!?." There's also some pretty sick things going on while they're trying to make their escape from the prison. With plenty of action, blood and gore this is one OVA that won't disappoint.

Let me also mention that the animation is very wild and colorful. All the characters are over the top and have exaggerated movements. It's very unique and interesting to watch, to say the least. Go watch it now.

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