Puri Gorota: Uchuu no Yuujou Daibouken

Title:Puri Gorota: Uchuu no Yuujou Daibouken
Pri Gorota
Puri Gorota
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PURI GOROTA is a fictional anime series that appears in the Nodame Cantabile anime and live action series. It was briefly described as being a story about a group of kids who encounter with a magical fairy and of their adventures in a spaceship while traveling in space. This series serves both as a passion and a source of inspiration for Nodame, appearing in both the music academy and the Paris story arcs.

On a humorous note, this fictional series is pronounced and spelled as PURI GOROTA, but there was a prop glitch in Nodame Cantabile in Europe (Live Action) which spelled the name of the series as PRI GOROTA.
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