Kappa no Coo to Natsuyasumi

Title:Kappa no Coo to Natsuyasumi
Coo to Natsuyasumi
Summer Days with Coo
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Notables: R1 License - GKIDS
Koichi Uehara is a fourth grade student living in the suburb of Tokyo. One day, he picks up a large stone which turns out to be a fossil of a baby "Kappa" sleeping underground for the past 300 years, and names it "Coo". Koichi and Coo become good friends and starts living with his family. However, Coo could not adjust to the life style in Tokyo and starts to miss his family. On a hot summer day, Koichi and Coo decide to go on an adventurous road trip to find his peers.

Written and directed by one of the top animators of the generation, Keiichi Hara, who had created numbers of (kids-oriented) box office hit feature films in Japan. (summary from ANIDB)

Animation Production by Shinei Animation.
Movie release date - July '07.
DVD release date - May '08.
139min Movie.

2007 Mainichi Award Winner - Grand Prize.

1:40min Movie Promotional - YouTube Video
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Buy 7 7 7 7 9 Ggultra2764 [series:1866#1552]
Summer Days with Coo made for interesting fare in its focus on a kappa named Coo interacting with a family in modern era Japan after having been revived from a centuries-long sleep, mixing around comedy and drama as Coo comes to learn of modern conveniences and come to terms with trying to find the whereabouts of his kind after some tragic developments he underwent before his centuries-long sleep. The movie's two-hour long running time offers plenty of time to exploring Coo's character, along with some of the growing pains and tragedies that a few characters undergo. It also believably depicts the sensationalism that media would portray with something out of the ordinary as Coo and the human family adopting him come to deal with during the middle of this movie's run due to humans not being adjusted to the presence of supernatural creatures in centuries by that point. Jan-chan's comparison of the anime's premise to E.T. is mostly spot on in regards to our creatures adjustment to living life with humans. Only real weakness I have to gripe about with this film is the rather subpar animation as it looks more like something you would expect out of a TV anime than a movie. Beyond that, this is an excellent and rather underrated animated film that is worth a look if you are able to come across it.

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Rent Jan-Chan [series:1866#967]
OMG!! This is a Japanese ↗E.T. story with a cute little water-sprite called a ↗Kappa instead of an alien.

The writer and director Keiichi Hara is an old hand at creating charming kid-friendly movies. So what if he stole most (or perhaps all) of the story from Melissa Mathison and Steven Spielberg? ET was (or still is) a great story and can certainly stand a retelling.

SO expect a heart-warming tale of wonder as a very young mythical creature appears in modern day Japan, and struggles to adapt and survive in a world that has forgotten his kind.

Last updated Monday, October 19 2009. Created Monday, October 19 2009.

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