Bakuen Campus Guardress

Title:Bakuen Campus Guardress
Combustible Campus Guardress
爆炎CAMPUSガ-ドレス (Japanese)
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Notables: AKAHORI Satoru
"Beyond an ancient gateway lies a world man knows nothing about. Now, the long period of peace is about to end and once again, mankind is about to come into contact with this dark world. Now the surviving dark warriors from ancient battles, the Remnants, prepare to open the gate connecting our two worlds and lead their dark brethren into our world once again. However, Tobira High School was built on the site of the sealed gate in readiness. Its defenders are warriors known as “Guardians”. Now, unbeknown to the populace, the final battle between the two armies approaches…"

("Guardress" is the feminine form of "Guardian", just as "Sorceress" is the feminine form of "Sorceror").

4 Episodes, approximately 30 minutes each.
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:1799#628]
(One episode watched):

It was the odd title which attracted me when a fansub of this old show became available recently. Despite the violent first scene and ominous prologue, it quickly became clear that this was prdominantly a silly, risque sort of show; seeing Akahori Satoru's name as a creator was encouraging as well. At first I wasn't particularly impressed, since the first couple scenes which set up the basic premise seemed pretty stereotypical. But before long wild humor and equally wild animation had me laughing. Particularly noticeable was the wide variety of animation styles (including SD) and clever "photographic" techniques. One thing which definitely got a good laugh out of me was when a Japanese person said "good morning" in English, and the subtitle "Ohayo" appeared--that doesn't happen often!

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