Dark (English)
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A rumor has spread around the school of a website that features female students in sensual positions. Shinji Yagami finds out that the rumor is true after receiving the link from his classmate Satoshi. He then joins Satoshi in conquering the female students and teachers. During the campaign, Shinji begins to question himself when seeing Satoshi's sanity and the possibility that Miku, his childhood friend, may be next.

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Unevaluated 6 5 8 0 5 0 KBanger1 [series:1797#1694]
The story in this hentai is so cut and dry. It's too simple/trite of a plot and yet I feel that it's so incomplete. I believe that this hentai could have been easily a short series. I know that a lot of the hentai out there are devoid of a decent plot, but this isn't human porn. "Dark" should have been a much more thought out hentai. It starts out with the main character walking down a hallway and ending up in the nurse's office with a girl standing inside. After that, you can easily make the call. The characters' backgrounds are either too short or non-existent. There are a lot of problems with this one, but instead of making this "Avoid," watch it for the theme (if you like the BDSM. Not a lot of it, but enough to make it slightly interesting.

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